Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The First Dress: Rehearsals & Other Preparations

January 22, 2011
As I drove up to the church-in-a-warehouse, I spotted the guys outside. Good thing or I might have passed it and gotten lost.

The rehearsal… took awhile to really get started. The guys were given their ties and practiced putting them on [aside: I prefer the solid look of the double knot].

The pairs and order would be:
Shaun- Lisa
Bert- Krystle [of course]
Joel- Megan
Tim- me

… which meant I would be the first bridesmaid walking out and on my own! Scary!

The ladies are all chatter and who’s gonna cry…? I’m my awkward self, generally being more comfortable with guys but I try my best to spend some time with the gals [nothing wrong with the gals, it’s me; I’m not very versed in girly-girlese].

After the rehearsal, Rachel asks me if I want to hang out with her later- the other ladies had something else to go to. I meant to go home and read but as I mentioned earlier… it’s tough turning her down. I went with her and Mama G to Rachel’s hair appointment.

At the salon while Mama G and I waited, a couple of familiar faces walked in. We ended up talking story during which I couldn’t hold back the tears. Mrs. R gathered us together to pray- over ME- and I couldn’t speak. To this day, my mind is spinning on what happened, what it means, and what to do next.

Back at the G’s, I get to see Rachel in her dress with her hair all done- she is so precious and lovely!

Rachel dropped me off at the church for my car. The guys were still at the weight room so I popped in. I hadn’t seen them in a while.

January 29, 2011
I had planned to be early in order to check out a few stores for a dress but I wasn’t early enough.

The wedding party- minus bride and groom, for it was to be a surprise for them- on time.

Before I got to sit down, I looked over at a familiar face at the next table- someone I had grown up with, one of several “brothers” was at the restaurant celebrating a friend’s birthday. Their table was filled with other alumni [at least three more of the brothers] so I went over to say “Hi.” I am so awkward in such situations only because my memories and thoughts speed through my mind and I fumble the words that come out of my mouth. I was so happy to see him though- all of them- it has been too long.

Our dinner… I don’t know how anyone can NOT have a blast when Rachel’s around! Lisa told us the story of having to get Rachel there without her finding out why. Rachel, being Rachel, followed instruction.

The ladies enjoyed a good sangria! Calamari and Fried Mozzarella were the appetizers [I remember something about Zac being the “King of Cheese” …? Lol ]. Lisa said the gals would choose a pizza and a pasta and the guys would choose likewise. The girls got on it- ravioli and …I forget what kind of pizza. The guys dropped the ball somewhere/somehow so their choices came a little later- Spaghetti with meatballs and a meat pizza. It was all so good!

February 3, 2011
Two days before the big day! Still no dress so I head out. Please let there be the right dress!

Returning to the scene of the crime, I see one of the dresses on the front rack… which usually means “sale”… YES! I anxiously search for the dress in my size and it’s there! I was so relieved and excited so I tried on a yellow dress and a pink top just for myself. Oddly, I am feeling quite feminine….

Dress chosen, I put it and the pink top on hold and move on to the next mall to do my due diligence. At the first store, I took a pic of a couple of long gowns I wouldn’t mind wearing to an event, if I had another event to go to that is. Only one possible dress to try on- it fits but I just don’t like it as much as the chosen one.

I stop off at one of my favorite stores- on the rare occasion that I actually want to buy something to wear- and I feel good trying on stuff. The shirt I definitely wanted wasn’t in my size, I couldn’t decide on the others, so after all that I purchased a sale sweater- I am enjoying it! I saw a possible purse for purse-lady Jules… maybe it’ll arrive at her door….

Another dress at another store but it’s still not as good as the chosen one, not even close. I try finding some “supports” at the “pink” store but came away with nothing there for me towards the wedding. I couldn’t find anyone to help me at the makeup store so I walk confidently into M.A.C. I am so grateful for salespeople who know their products! I don’t like to be bothered when I shop but this time I had a definite question. The lady was so quick and helpful that I was out the door in about 10 minutes easy, feeling accomplished.

I heard the sounds of the drums- Happy Year of the Hare [~ah, Chulo, I miss you]! I found a cozy spot on the third floor to watch the center stage festivities for a little bit.

A Pomegranate tea, another sweater, and I’m on my way to pick up the dress. I’m certain of it.

February 4, 2011
Set up wasn’t as bad as anticipated. By the time I got there, the guys were on it in moving stuff where it needed to be.

Sooo…. I was on the decorating committee with most of the women and… I had no idea what to do…? At least I didn’t break any of the delicate things. Very few matching things but it was so Rachel and it turned out looking great! I mean, this is the gal that got me to wear a party hat during indoor rock-climbing because it was for my “birthday,” with Chinese pretzels, gau, and a dress up set [I’m Chinese and that’s the reason Rachel gave]; it’s the We-haven’t-got-much-but-what-we-have-we-make-GREAT Rachel style!

Zac’s aunty came later to do the more formal final touches but first she showed us the bouquet- silk flowers, waterfall like style, just gorgeous. As bridesmaids, she made us red rose little bouquets. Then she whipped up more pretty things for the aisle and the wedding party table. Good thing she came ‘cause we umm… kind of neglected that table….

Near finishing up, Krystle, Rachel and I were exhausted and getting a little… loopy. Krystle picked up a gold cloth remnant and made a cape for herself. There was this spotlight moment when Krys wanted me ready with the camara… and then she popped up the cape behind her like she was going to fly and the music came back on and a breeze from the A/C caused the cape to flutter…! LOL You had to be there and I wish I’d had it on video. We were all cracking up! Aunty said she liked us ‘cause we weren’t shy prissy things- we knew how to have fun. Yup, ask her.

Later that same night…
The guys were having Zac time so the gals got together and had Rachel time! Ugh, more eating of goodies… dinner and chocolate covered fortune cookies and the fruit cups- whoa. The fruit cup had layers and layers and more layers on top of that of strawberries, blueberry, blackberry, yellowberry [lol- j/k] and cake, cheesecake, jam, and I don’t know what else but it was the yummiest thing [almost yummier than guava cake]. Stickers, nails, more wedding details to finish up, pictures and memory lane, etc. It was a good night.

Almost forgot, we had wine. Proper.

I can’t tell ALL the secrets…

Krystle and I slept over.

February 5th, The DAY
We woke up to a beautiful day in K. Rachel was still taking care of last minute things. Krystle and I helped what we could, hung around, and then I took her home.

Click on photos for larger view. Another post to recap the rest coming up next time…

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