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The First Dress: Receiving the Honor & Shopping

The Tale of the First Dress begins [at least for me and this specific event] in October of last year.

October 26, 2010
Rachel requested a night with the ladies. For someone who is always appreciative and excited for anything I do, I cannot say “No” to Rachel.

While we are eating sushi and salad in the Mililani Ninja Sushi, Rachel asks if we would be her bridesmaids. Of course that gets Krystle all jumpy and squeaky. Once again, I am thrilled by Rachel!

After eating, we scoped out possible decorations for the wedding at Pricebusters. Candles and flowers and what will the colors be?

I’ve been to a few weddings [other than for relatives]. It surprised me just to be invited to them- when one invitation arrived in the mail there was no doubt that I would fly to CA to attend. One wedding was a little strange for me , for I had been very close to both bride and groom but was left out of the party. I reconnected with a friend over a FB Scrabble game and she invited me to her wedding about a week before the event- I hadn’t seen her in years!

Rachel and I met three years ago. It seems like such a short time to go from stranger to friend to bridesmaid, but I was going to take it! For Rachel, I would do just about anything. I felt honored.

Yet, I went home that night wondering if I had misunderstood. Krystle as Rachel’s bridesmaid made sense. Did I hear her right regarding me?

It would be a short 3 ½ months to the main event!

December 30, 2010
The maid of honor Lisa gathered the bridal party together over a late lunch. It felt real now; I would be a bridesmaid with Lisa, Megan and Krystle!

We decided on a Wedding Party Dinner for late January.

Someone would have to let the guys know, Shaun, Bert, Joel and Tim. Lisa would take care of getting Zac and Rachel there as a surprise.

I had a caramel apple cheesecake to celebrate, just me. I was so excited and it was so yummy that I had forgotten to get a photo of it BEFORE consuming it! =)

January 15, 2011
I had thought I would lose some weight and was on a good track until January snuck up on me! And here I am at the Bridal shower organized by Zac’s mom. On my way there, I quickly picked up the workings of a gift package to contain the present I had for Rachel.

Krystle caught a ride with me. She was all abuzz about who the pairs would be, our dresses, the decorations, etc. She wouldn’t have to wonder about her partner- it would be her husband. I guessed Lisa and Shaun would be the maid-of-honor and best man. Krystle says there is no maid-of-honor or best man. Come on, of course there is and it doesn’t matter- I am honored just to be up there at all; none of us should feel slighted for not being the maid-of-honor.

[Aside: Jules, if I am not in your wedding party AT ALL, you and I will be through! Just kidding but kinda not… ;) ]

Oh, Tsukiji’s- my second time at your establishment [and still no Asahi :/ ]! As soon as Rachel saw me she went straight for playing with my recently cut hair. That triggered a few more hair touches from Krystle as well.

I had only briefly met Zac’s parents once before. I quickly worked my mind to orient myself to Zac’s mom and his relatives. The tables were so close together throughout the place that I saw some well-dressed ladies on the table to the right and said “Hi” to them also- they were a different group. I sat down, never looked back.

Plate #1: salad, spicy ahi sushi, unagi, ahi, fresh mochi with kinako, fried fish, fried tofu, with a side of wasabi.

Plate #2: Tempura!!! Shrimp, string beans, sweet potato!

Dessert: Sake!

The bridal party was made even more official as Rachel presented us with the red flower pins and gold headbands we would be donning.

We moved over to Aunty Helen’s for the games and presents. Krystle and I were just winning- we placed top 3 in the first game and Krystle's contribution in the second game is probably what brought it home for the team.

And… dessert #2: the oh-so-onolicious cupcakes from Hokulani Bake Shop!

Afterwards, Krystle and I stopped off quickly to look for some dresses for the wedding. We were to find black knee length dresses. No luck at that store… [Krystle- if you’re reading this… no telling!]

January 19, 2011
I braved the outlet mall to search out a dress- oh what I’m willing to do for Rachel! I found a few possibilities at BCBG. I came to love and appreciate how well-made the dresses were- of course they were the pricier ones. I tried to take photos of me trying them on so I could ask for opinions later. Besides, all sales were final and I couldn’t decide on which dress. I really shouldn’t be allowed to shop on my own because I don’t have an idea of what looks good on me.

Tip: I also take a photo of the store policy for reference and reminder of where the dresses are as well as the dress tag to remember what size I tried and wanted, with the price of the dress.

At the Bebe store, I walked through looking around as I had in other stores. I’d like to be able to wear some of their stuff. In the back by the sales was a Chinese woman- nothing unordinary. I didn’t see anything for the wedding so I start moving towards the front of the store- so does the Chinese woman. Something caught my eye in a bin near the cashier so I stop to look- the woman and I reach for the same purse! I move even closer to the door, the woman is ahead of me now by the door, I spot something on the rack and go to look, the woman has turned back to look at something nearby too. At this point I’m wondering if she’s going to follow me to the next store. I walk out, still expecting a tap on my shoulder and a revelation of long-lost relatedness… but she was gone. … … I’m… rarely ever creep-ed out but that was… was… yes. Interesting.

Again I’m wondering what I’m doing shopping alone- I have no one there to laugh at me!

As I walk around and text something, I catch a couple glances. I sense I’m being judged by my phone. …

Click on any photo for a larger view. More to come next time...

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