Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The First Dress: The Last Dress for Rachel

February 5th, The DAY
After dropping off Krystle at home, I went home to get part-way ready. Tim and his mom picked me up; I’d made arrangements because there wouldn’t be much parking at the church. We got there pretty early.

From there, it’s not easy to remember what happened during the preparations- so many things going on! There was a lot of surprising the guys with a script and getting them to go with it. Hideto was to do the Banzai and wanted to do a perfect job for the couple. The bridesmaids were still wondering where to place our red flower pins. Krystle was ready to dance.

Lisa’s mom was cool but made me so nervous. She speaks in Japanese and fussed over our hair and makeup, two things that already make me nervous. I just stood there as still as I could and nodded when she said something and Lisa wasn’t much help because she was fussing over Rachel and I had no mirror so had no idea what was going on. Sorry, I’m just uncomfortable whenever someone fusses over me ‘cuz it’s not often that it happens.

And, I think I looked good so mahalo Lisa Mama!

The flower was originally thought to be placed on our dresses somewhere, probably toward one side at the waist. I think because I was goofing with the placement and was caught by Lisa’s mom, we all wore it in our hair with the gold headbands.

Rachel’s cousin and Kendal were floating around to take pictures. Rachel was doing such a good job of not letting Zac see her in the dress before the ceremony but then everyone was getting dressed and Zac’s grandfather, who’d be officiating, wanted the license signed before the ceremony. So Rachel got dressed.
Getting closer to the main event. The Mother of the Bride came in and the moment hit her. Rachel embraced her mama and they cried.

We walk out. They’ve turned down the lights and lighted the candles. It looks great. The guys line up in their order. The music begins.

The guys are on stage. The song switches. I’m smiling as big as I can and thinking through my cue to go, being the first bridesmaid out, and where I’m supposed to walk. So, I start walking…

… and I don’t trip! I got a little shaky when I had to step onto the platform.

A few quirky moments but the ceremony goes well. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Zac!

We step off in our pairs, Tim and I last. Tim being tall and walking a little fast, I had to skip a few steps to keep up.

The program was jam-packed with good stuff. A couple dance groups, praise band worship, Mama G and Zac’s mom both performed something each, a slide show, the banzai, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss…. All the performers had some kind of friendship-family tie with the couple which adds to the specialness of the evening. And then it was…

The couple’s first dance.

I’m gonna cut it right here. If you don't know me by now, I am usually one of those floating amateur photographers but this event, I tried to relax on it. I can't wait to see what moments the event photographers caught!

Again congratulations to Rachel and Zac- I love you both. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I wish it were one of those things we could say, “Let’s do it again!” but really, let’s NOT. ;)

And that is the tale of the first dress for me, last dress for Rachel.

Mahalo for reading. I know, quick this one but it’s so hard to aptly describe such a great event to celebrate two wonderful friends! I do feel like I’m missing something though… oh well, another post, another day.

The End.

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  1. PS. I think I forgot to mention that the title of "First Dress" was in relation to the movie "27 Dresses."


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