Thursday, March 17, 2011

Across The Deep Blue

A week ago...

I was watching CSI when the Tsunami watch alert came over the station. Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake that could send dangerous waves over to the islands.

A little later, watching the news coverage and seeing the water move over the land like a dark rippling sheet lined with silver. Houses were being swept away, farmlands gobbled up and drowned. The refinery burst into flames.

I went back and forth between watching the news and chatting people on Game. Most who were chatting were also watching the news coverage on their end. Someone said it caused them to cry.

I told them that I was in the middle of the island, fairly safe from most anything but thoughts for my safety came in. Another island friend said that she was also out of the inundation zone.

Mom and I quickly thought of those who lived near the coast. I checked the evac zone near The F family, Cousin C’s family, and Aunty C. Aunty was just outside of the zone.

At the Game, more people became aware of what just happened in Japan and other areas possibly to be affected. They thought of those they knew. A prayer chain post started going around.

Still sensitive to the recent Game player scandal, everyone there knew that Japan was real and that Japan was under great strain- fact verifiable.

Dad went to fill up his gas tank. Mom recounted all the water jugs that were already full. We got our flashlights ready.

Sister D was concerned for her family and friends all over the Pacific region. I went on FB chat to help calm her what I could.

I thought the tsunami watch and the Game chat would keep me up all night. Instead I went to sleep around midnight. I’d personally had a long exhausting confusing day. If tragedy did strike the islands, I would handle it better with some rest.

I woke up the next morning to a text message. I checked my phone and found several messages awaited me. Most were from friends writing on my FB wall wanting to hear from me. I logged into the game and found even more messages on my whiteboard there. They all warmed my heart.

We were relatively quiet in the islands. Some areas flooded and some harbors suffered damages but the full force of what could have happened didn’t arrive.

Through FB, I learned that three friends in Japan were safe through the earthquake and tsunami.

I really don’t know what else I can say about the situation in Japan. To think that people were unprepared and more so unawares…. I’m not equipped to write something… profound or moving.

Please pray for Japan. Please also send help in what way you may be able to.

Mahalo for reading and I hope you are safe.