Friday, January 7, 2011

Thirteen Inches

About 2 years, gallons of shampoo/ conditioner/ heat protectant spray, $ in electricity for flat iron/ blow dry, 25 no damage scunci hair bands, 2 shower caps, 36 hair clips, a couple dry shampoos, a towel, and a pair of scissors later and the length is GONE!

For the second time in 4 years, I’ve grown out my hair. It got to about the middle of my back this time. I feel bad because the split ends were horrible! They were about 2-3 inches and branched like crazy! I tried to retard their growing presence with some random self-trimming a few times. Again, I didn't take a proper photo to show how long my hair got but this somewhat shows it [taken about a couple months before the cut]:

I recently got the length cut off. I was looking for at least 10 inches off. The final length: THIRTEEN INCHES!

I’m excited about that because I’ll be sending the length off for donation.

[Confession: I thought I had already donated the first length couple years ago and I couldn’t remember if I sent it to Locks of Love or to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. It’s because I didn’t send it off. I found the first length in its bag, about to be sent off! :/ Terrible. I try to be very good about such things! I checked online and they’ll still take the hair if it’s still together in a ponytail, which it is. Which means that I’ll be donating a length to both of those campaigns! Yay!]

To get the deed done, I went to my favorite place to get a haircut: Ulupono Academy in Kaimuki. It is a partner school with Paul Mitchell and so one will be treated by a student under the supervision of an instructor. They offer nail, hair and skin services.

Ulupono Academy was referred to me by my great friend Julie three years ago and so it’s my go-to place now.

The first time I went was to get the first donation length cut [sort of read about it here]. Jessica cut off a 12-inch length and then cut the rest to a style that was manageable and looked good as it grew out. She also changed my part from the right to the left- it took some getting used to and now it would feel weird to have it back on the right! She did an excellent job!

The second time I went was just for a routine trim. A guy handled my hair and while he was nice enough and no hair disasters occurred, it was not a good experience. Cutting my hair always takes a long time, but in the end at least two other people handled my hair. I beared it all patiently, which is not natural to me but he was a student.

Last month was the second time to have a donation length cut off. I saw the guy from the last time and overheard him say that he’ll be graduating soon.

Ana handled my hair. She suggested a style that was “a graduated triangle” or “triangle layers,” something like that. I didn’t really have any idea what she was describing so I just said go for it. I really don’t know beauty/ style lingo but I’m not all that attached to my hair. I don’t know how I would react to being bald but other than that, I’m alright with anything.

After the 13 was off, the hair was about shoulder length. A couple times, Ana consulted with the instructor and I had NO IDEA what they were saying but it sounded good so I didn’t panic. When they were almost done with it all, the instructor made a comment about my facial expression, which I thought was just… whatever so I told her that I was good and I trust them. That made her brighten and she was like, “Great!” and kept going with it.

The instructor was telling me something and then asked if I'd be okay with it. She said that on one side, there would be a small section that is not the same length as my bangs on the other side, it would be a little longer or something. She tells me, in an instructing voice, "It would be A-SYM-METRICAL." She enunciated the "assymetrical" part. I'm like, okay. In my head I'm going, yeah, I know what that means. What's funny is that I like asymmetry.

I think it's also funny because she probably thought I was in high school or something; stylists always think I'm much younger than I am. Several years ago, I was in SF with a friend and we went to this salon. The stylist asked how old I was because she thought I would need to ask my parent's permission to have my hair cut so sexy!

Turns out that the graduated triangle cut is pretty bold, at least it is for me! The stylist usually does a straight layered cut, no fancy business. This cut is long in front and gradually shorter and shorter in and up the back. Maybe the photos show it better than I could describe it.

I like it! Makes me feel daring, like I want to do skateboarding or something!

Ana did an excellent job both in recommending and in execution of the cut! The instructor said that it goes with my profile, which I think is great because I had always thought that my profile looked… flat/ blah/ goofy?

So Godfather says he likes it, says he always notices everything. Fist says she likes it. Squeaks totally loves it, commenting on how it shows off… um… me. Astrid FB-liked it, haha! I’d like to know what Chulo or Riddle thinks of it….

The photos below show the curled-styled look I came home with and a straightened look a few days later because I have no idea how to recreate the curled-styled look I came home with! I also had a tricky time trying to take a pic of the back.

Mahalo to Ulupono Academy and Ana for the excellent service!

If you’re looking for a good haircut on a modest budget or thinking of being daring with a bold new cut, check out Ulupono Academy!

For information on hair donation, check out:
Locks of Love
Pantene Beautiful Lengths

What I'm using these days to help protect my hair from heat-styling damage. Hot Off the Press! It leaves my hair feeling soft!