Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Braved the Mall

I got up at 8 am today. I mean not just got up, but I was out of bed and in operation by 8 am today. That is a big deal in my life these days.

Bro came over and Mom says that he and Dad are going Best Buy and maybe PR Shopping Center. Since I was up, and had slept adequate hours, I decided to go with them this time. Maybe I could get Bro to stop by Uptown [Dad thought he might go to PR Downtown].

We went to Best Buy first. I looked at some of the P&S camaras and saw a couple I wouldn’t mind having. I surprised myself by controlling the visible drool over the DSLR, tripod and Rocketfish Lens Filters I also wouldn’t mind owning- hey, I’d make good use of it all! [By the way, after two years, I think I’m killing my P&S. I have literally taken thousands of photos with it and I think it’s close to protesting seriously].

I was tempted to get “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It comes with both the color and the b&w versions. And a commemorative bell. Really, I just wanted the bell. No, I’m kidding. It’s a wonderful movie. I just love the sense of a strong, caring community. I told myself that I didn’t need it right away; it could wait.

The movies were upstairs. As I let the escalator carry me down a level, halfway through I noticed this BB worker guy look up at me... and then away... and then at me again. I never know... nevermind.

Then it was over to Uptown and The Body Shop. The sales associates were so sly, standing at the door with a supply of bags. One caught me to give the sale spiel, handing me a bag... and it sorta worked. Gifts sets were 30% off, and if I would donate $5 at the register, everything in the bag would be 50% off. Nice. Though, I should have asked more about who they were donating the money to ‘cause I didn’t quite catch it. I know that the company is a part of community trade and against animal testing.

I said the spiel sorta worked because I was there looking for some specific things. I wasn’t expecting to buy right away, yet for someone who isn’t compelled to shop there for many things that often, I might as well buy things when there’s a great sale going on. Previously, I hadn't been in that store in years.

So I got my home fragrance oils and a few gift goodies for others. All totaled, I saved about $20 on 6 items. Not bad, not bad at all.

So, Best Buy was not in the mall; The Body Shop was. About 7 years ago, I stopped going to the mall during the Christmas season. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like watching people spend crazy money that I don’t have, and most likely the money that they don’t have either. I don’t like stepping on wild, loose kids and then getting into a glaring match with their mothers. I don’t like looking for parking and then forgetting where I parked because it’s nowhere near where I usually park in order to remember [I have done that before, thinking my car was stolen; that’s another story]. I am saddened by hearing sales people say “Happy Holidays” simply because they’re compelled to by their boss or company [I’ll give my thoughts on that another time; basically, I’d rather have employees be free to say their greeting however they want].

That has led to not going to malls often in general, and often getting creatively crafty in making presents [though I didn’t make them this year]. I might enjoy going to the mall on a Tuesday morning, more so to hang out than to seriously shop. Or sometimes eating at the mall can be a good time.

Today, the mall was not so bad. We were there early, got good parking on the first lookout, it wasn't crowded. I quickly made the purchases. In, out, no problem. It had taken about 15 minutes, car-store-car. Back in the parking lot, it was crazy. We had beaten the crowds.

And now for something totally unrelated: there has been a baby gecko living in my room. Amazingly, with nights getting colder and all three cats frequenting my bedroom, the baby has kept mostly unseen.

Tonight, it explored my desk. I had washed my hair and was getting ready to dry it. I had the heat protectant spray bottle on the desk. Suddenly, there baby was, squarely on top of the bottle, lookin’ straight at me.

I tried to take a picture of it. The picture came out dark, and so I decided to turn on the flash, thinking the flash might scare it away but I might have a better picture. It was remaining quite calm.

I guess it didn’t want pictures taken… because it jumped right for me!

It landed on my pant leg, so I took a picture of it. And it stayed there. So I shook it off.

Also, I am conducting experiments on [safely] burning matchsticks. The findings are quite fascinating. Perhaps more reports on it later.

The end.

Merry Christmas!

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