Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lights Drive-by [Photo] Shooting Night Cruise

Ridiculously long title? Why not? What’s wrong with that?

I was taking Pineapple home one night and last minute we decided to seek out some Christmas cheer by way of decorated lighted houses. Pineapple was saying how his family used to do that when he was younger. He said that they had a name for it but he couldn’t remember it. So I started making suggestions and in the end he said maybe it was just “Let’s go look at Christmas lights!”

Anyways, so I came up with the long ridiculous name ‘cuz it’s one of the things I do best, right?

Well, the drive turned out to be disappointing. Granted, it was in the middle of the week, real late at night, but still. If I had taken the time to decorated my house for Christmas, which I am planning to do in the future, I would wanna have it lighted as much as I could possibly have it on. That night, it was pretty dark. We decided we’d try again the following week.

Take two was much better! We got some people to join us, we started out earlier, I had found a newspaper article of houses and streets that would definitely be decorated to the hilt and welcoming of visitors.

Seven of us piled into two cars and started out. I’ll let the pictures speak for most of it, but it was definitely a better experience. The first place we went to had at least half of the homes on the street decorated at least with lights. The house on the corner that had been in the article had lots of lights, cutout characters, and Christmas music playing.

Then we headed out to the other side where we took a little bathroom and coffee break at a Starbucks. I’m mentioning it because we got there about 7 minutes before closing, they handled our drink orders, and then politely waited for us to leave before they locked up. I mean, we didn’t take that long for everything and there had be a couple other customers hanging around with their laptops, but thanks to Starbucks for the drinks and letting us take you to closing time!

The second street we went to, the entire street was decorated! Pineapple and I were freaking out! Alpha was in the car with us and now he was hyped up on coffee so he was freaking out too! We parked somewhere and walked for a better look around. This street had it all!

The highlight for our car was passing a house and seeing the sign that said “Jesus is the reason!” The rest of the night we were excitedly declaring that! The other car hadn’t seen it the first time until we all walked together and pointed that out.

Other than that, I really need to save up for a new camara, and hopefully a DSLR next time. About two years, literally thousands of photos, and I think I’ve driven my current camara very close to forced death. Not retirement, not hand-me-down status, but death. Seriously. : ) Months ago it started refusing to focus properly at times. Now the backlight feature isn’t working as well as it used to. And I don’t think it appreciates blurry pictures as much as I’ve come to appreciate them.

I love it!

Merry Christmas!

[Click on photo for larger view]

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