Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Closet to Blessings Exchange

The Closet to Blessings Exchange began last year when the women’s small group decided to have a little fun in preparation for helping out another ministry.

Every year, the church has a Blessings Exchange, usually during the Ho’omaikai Picnic in December. The church collects and sorts items donated by church members. People from the community are invited to come to the Exchange and pick up any items they may want or need for free.

A closet exchange is when people, usually women, clean out their closets and have a get-together. They look through what has been brought. Everyone can try on and take home what they like. It's a great way to let go of clothing one no longer or never wore and infuse one's wardrobe with new items without spending a lot of money, and to have time with friends!

The SG-W got the idea to combine the two ideas and thus the Closet to Blessings Exchange was born. We have a closet exchange with any unclaimed items going to the Blessings Exchange.

It’s been fun so far. Last year, four of our members attended. Fist picked up some of my clothes [it still astounds me that I used to be her size only a decade ago!], I fancied some of Squeaks’ clothes, and Squeaks came out mostly with accessories.

While the SG-W seems to be in limbo, we thought the C2BE would be a good thing to have again. I had meant on starting the plans for it early this year, but got sidetracked by the excitement of another project just before it. Still, I’d say the 2010 C2BE was a success!

We decided to let it grow by inviting our friends. Three members attended with two friends! Schedules got a bit tight last minute, so we made the most of the hour-half that we had. Clothes ended up being a side note to the other things we did. We fed on sushi, had good conversation, and decorated a wall for more festive picture-taking. Shelly won the grand prize.

It took a good while to get the wrapping paper on the wall. At first, Fist and I were putting it up. It was kind of like how we ended up decorating for the Harvest Fest, but with more intention and control. Squeaks thought it would be fun to tease how we were doing it, and then she did the same thing. We managed to get the wall up and take a group picture!

In the last few minutes is when we quickly looked through what had been brought. Most of it went to the Blessings Exchange. I picked up a white with yellow dots sweater and a hot pink tank top [as if I needed more yellow and pink clothes] from Squeaks- I love her clothes! ;)

I’m pretty excited to see what we can do with more planning next year! Hopefully this is something that will continue to blossom, something that will bring increasingly more glory to God as it continues.

The end.

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