Monday, November 22, 2010

A Successful Operation!

Ah, so ends Drop Off Week for Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan’s Purse.

Wow, it seemed like we had so much time to prepare and wait but now it seems like it went by so fast! This was our first time being a drop off center, so we had no idea what to expect. The first two days looked like we were in great stride with at least a hundred shoeboxes collected each day. Then… the number dropped off dramatically; days three, four and five picked up just under 50 boxes.

As expected though, Sunday was our big day. After churches let out, people and groups were dropping off loads of boxes! We also had quite a bit of helpers, so we put them to work with filling up shoeboxes with donations from our church. Actually, that screwed up the count for us, and I feel poorly about it. I didn’t watch and check out how they were keeping the count with those boxes, while the whole week I had come every day because I foresaw the count getting off. At least we had an accurate count for all the other individuals and groups who dropped off boxes. Anyways, everything turned out okay.

I thought today, the last day, would be slow. I figured, it’s a weekday, people are busy with work and family and getting ready for Thanksgiving and all that, it’s the first day of the week, but I think it was our second biggest day.

So we made it through the week fine with only the hiccup about our church’s count. We had a goal of collecting 1000 boxes and… WE EXCEEDED IT! Just what I was hoping for! AND our church made up about 25% of the total, which was also good!

God, you’re awesome! And thank you for allowing me to be a part of this!

I have two things to definitely share [I might have forgotten something else].

First, was Saturday lunch. Driving in that day, I was thinking, our hours are from 10 am to 2 pm, over lunch time. How are we gonna get our workers lunch? I guess we’ll send someone out. No big deal. I wasn’t worried, I just thought it would’ve been nice if we had planned for it.

Then a little after I arrived and we opened, a volunteer came… with sandwiches and chips for us! And to log in some volunteer hours as well, but when I saw her and the food, it was like God saying “Don’t worry about it; don’t you know I got it covered?” The food was enough for us and for the group that met later that night.

Cheeky Charlie's excited about moving to another country!

The second thing to share was what Alpha’s mom shared. She said that Alpha got excited about the shoeboxes. He went to Ross’ and found out that they had pretty good prices for stuff, so he picked up stuff to put into a shoebox. Some of the stuff was things for a cold weather place, but he had the feeling that his box would go to a kid in a cold country, that those were the things he’s supposed to give.

Then we found out that the boxes from Hawai‘i are going to kids in Mongolia! How’s that for God moving Alpha and Alpha being obedient?

Oh! And a third thing: the most entertaining and great thing that happened was seeing a small car round the corner… and stall… then pull up to us. It was a small, white two-door car STUFFED, literally, with boxes! They stalled at the corner because they couldn’t see where to go! Two young ladies were in the car with boxes on their laps, piled high behind them, some on their heads maybe…! We opened the trunk to help them unload, and it was packed to the fullest with boxes! There was no space left for even an ant! It was truly awesome!

And last one, promise, for now: my mom's a perfectionist and so planned to make only 2 boxes, one boy box and one girl box. This kind of thing takes a lot out of her, but bless my mom, she's got a good heart. LC brought 5 boxes earlier in the week, so I told Mom that she gotta make more than LC! Sneaky buggah, yeah? I was half-kidding, because it was to motivate Mom for more boxes, though she's not competitive.

Well, Dad had to go sleep early this week while Mom does her stuff at night, so I ended up having to share my room with Mom so she could stay up and make the boxes; remember, I said she's a perfectionist. She wrapped them perfectly, packed them perfectly, and sent them perfectly with me to drop off. In the end, Mom made 5 boxes! :) So she said, "well, we tied LC." Good job, Mom!

Ahhh, so I’m exhausted! But it’s a good exhausted. I’m still pretty jazzed about this whole operation! Can’t wait for next year!

From kids to kids, so adorable!