Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Plenty Harvest

October 31- KUC Harvest Fest


So, all the way from thousands of miles away, Pastor Cousin messaged asking if I would take pictures at Fest and I said sure. Taking pictures is just something that fills me, usually, so I was going to take pictures anyway but it’s a good feeling to have ___. I could say more about ___ but I’ll hold off. I know, it’s irritating but I’ll hold off.

Mrs. Ohta's granddaughter, so cute!

To be completely honest though, the past year has been… I was raked through the coals, so what once filled me, amateur photography, hasn’t been the same. I’ve held back on doing it, even when I’ve been with good friends, forgetting it on purpose at times. Anyways….

When Harvest got on its way, I was trying to help decorate with Fist, and trying to take some pics here and there at the same time.

Couldn't get Cookie Monster to look my way. Note: bring cookies next time.

Tank asked if I would be comfortable judging the costume contest and I kinda winced and said not really. I should have said that I would do it if he didn’t find someone else…. Well, I’m not at all comfortable with choosing one out of many like that, and not with kids; there were a lot of good costumes. Though I’m for strengthening my weakness, I would not have been much help with judging a contest; I coulda used more heads up. Anyways, Tank found judges so that was good.

Fist asked me to help her with doing the big group game; this I could do. All I had to do was help her demonstrate the Ogre, Wizard, Elf game.

I haven’t seen much of Four this year :( but she was at HF with her friend. Four said, “Remember when you were an elf?” That was my character at last year’s HF [Nightfall]! Four is so smart. Aww, now I realize that I got a pic of Four and her friend but forgot to get a pic of me with Four. Oh well.

Four and friend.

Well, I suppose with not sleeping well and the excitement from a lot to do on such a long day, I wasn’t as up to taking pics as I had tried to prepare myself to be. I think if I hadn’t tried to decorate, that’s probably what wore me down more mentally than I should have let it. Plus, there was still having to get back into the enjoyment of photography.

Crafts! Also had food, music, prizes, games, a skit, a bouncer....

However, remember that I mentioned meeting Ce from CCF, who had been taking pictures for the concert the night before? She was at our HF. While I was helping Fist with the game, I started talking to this lady taking pics next to me and it was Ce! And she remembered me! She said that Pastor Cousin had also messaged her about taking pics. I told her great ‘cuz she’s got the better equipment! So that helped ease my personal thing of getting back into photo-taking shape. I can’t wait to see her photos.

Tribe of Judah played.

Instead of my usual of taking ~500 pics, I only took about 150 that night. Though, I did practice honing the skill of asking people to pause for a pic. Mostly, I just walk around and take pics that people don’t realize I’m taking, a lot of candids and stuff, very detached from what’s going on. I hide my introverted shyness behind not wanting to be “intrusive.” So this time I interacted with people more and took more “friendly-face” smiling shots, an improvement and something that Pastor Cousin had asked me for after a previous event. It tires me out, but it’s a good exhaustion. [I need to remember the photo-visit idea I had from last year… try to implement it for next time…]

Playing Ogre/ Wizard/ Elf.

Oh, I liked the skit that the drama team put on. I need a vid-cam to record it better ‘cuz I can’t zoom video on the p&s and it takes phantom thumping sounds. The content was probably above the kids but that’s okay ‘cuz kids don’t mind and the whole family could enjoy it. The message is probably more suited for believers rather than a mixed crowd, but that’s okay too. I know it stuck in my mind, probably because the subject has been on my mind the past year or so. It was to Casting Crown’s “If We Are the Body.”

G, whom I met the Sunday before, remembered me. We talked a little again. Later on in the night, he introduced his wife to me and I talked to her a little more. That was pretty cool, to see the initiative working out well that people are welcoming to see me again. It still feels kinda weird to me, but remember, it’ll get easier the more I do this.

Big Brother Z, baby Jedi and Daddy.
Baby Jedi and Mommy.

I got to spend some time with Crusty and her boy again too! : ) I got to carry baby Jedi. He promptly latched on to my hair [Aunty Jennifer forgot that she has very long hair right now]. I had to keep him from chomping on my shoulder [I had used pen on my shirt for the costume and didn’t think it was safe for him to chew on]. At least he didn’t throw up on me like his big brother did before! Ahh, kids!
Cheetara and Masquerade.

This year I was Cheetara from the Thundercats. I should've used the color face cream, but have sensitive skin so used regular makeup instead. I know it's hard to see in the pic that I did the orange eye thing she has. Also, I wanted to be modest but the orange shorts I found were cheer shorts, I didn't find leggings to match, so I figured, Cheetara's on her night off, she can relax out in jeans for once...? And I don't like wearing wigs or coloring my hair, so there you go. Otherwise, not bad... right? People got it, sort of.

Someone remarked about the dramatic false eyelashes I was wearing, and said that I should wear them all the time. ... What?!! : )

What else…? That’s all I can think of at the moment. It was a good time.

Wow, and I think we’re finally done getting updated with the past Sunday!

Mahalo for reading.

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