Monday, November 15, 2010

I Got Up There!

Rachel and I at the top!

So, I had thought that going indoor rock climbing would be perfect ‘cuz it’s closer to where I live than to town where most of my friends live. I thought, great, this time I get to sleep in!

Um…didn’t exactly happen, but it was good. Some friends needed a ride from town side, so I ended up waking up early and backtracking a little, but at least this time I knew of it beforehand and no one was complaining and we were mostly on time [MOSTLY, Mr. Adam!].

We got to Volcanic Rock Gym with a few minutes to spare. The rest of the group arrived not too long after that. While we signed our lives away, we were wowed by the kids in their gymnastics class, which was housed in the same building as the rock climbing.

Justin from the gym gave us pointers- he was cool and very helpful. We got right to it! I forgot what he called it, but we started out on the [rope-]free climbing. Henry had been there before and said that usually people wanna start on the rope climbs. Yup, we’re kinda crazy that way. I’m so proud that everyone in our group just went at it. We had people free climbing, rope climbing, exploring the cave walls… all over [and under]!

I like the creative naming of the different routes. We made chalk our best friend. We noticed all the cool different shapes of the grips. There were mouths and hands and stuff, even a shaka.

Henry showed us lateral moving along the cave walls. He made it look so easy! Matt and Rachel went pretty good on the lateral. Genesis, Bert and Adam just scrambled around the climbs like nothing. Clay tackled the climb, for being the oldest among us [hehehe, I only say that ‘cuz he saved me from that role! Actually, so did Henry. :) Thanks, Clay! You did great!]. Krystle and I wished we had a few more inches to our reach but determined not to let that hold us back.

Bert was the first to climb with the ropes. It was entertaining to watch his face as Justin instructed Krystle on how to anchor and release the clamp for Bert! It was the look of trust, or something like it! She did a good job though.

I… didn’t do such a good job on the rope walls. On the first one, I got on the wall, but couldn’t figure out where to go next! Bert was reluctant to release me, what a good friend! I moved over to the “easier” climb. I grabbed a grip, or so I thought ‘cuz I slipped- to my surprise and Genesis’s who was anchoring me [sorry!].

The second time trying, I got about halfway but then got stuck. I needed to stick my left toe in a grip and push up, but that’s the toe that’s all messed up. By that time, my toe was killing and my arms were tired. I’ll make it next time ;) . Since the toe won’t be fixed any time soon, I’m determined not to let it stop me from doing things like climbing- it might slow me down, but it won’t stop me! That’s why I still go hiking and other crazy things.

We went to Shiro’s next for a hearty lunch. My friend Roy was working and served us. I see him there almost every time I eat there- I wonder what he thinks about how I bring different people there. Because Krystle always remembers that I don’t play the nose game, she honored us with saying grace for our meal- love you, Krystle!

After lunch, my passengers and I went to pick up another body. Then it was a quick rest and off to Birthday Observance Day Activity Two: DINNER! Everyone arrived on time [technically our car was held up in the parking lot for a few minutes, but we would’ve been exactly on time if not].

And everyone behaved themselves, sort of. I’ll have to check in with Jenn to see if she was scared off [probably not ‘cuz she tough]; she was the only one to be initiated to the ways of the majority that night. Tad graced us with saying grace. And despite GB’s efforts, Tim did not have only beer for dinner.

I didn’t like the beer I tried this time, but the food was good. Mahalo for the garlic edamame and fries- those are always GOOD!

When dinner was finished, Tim and some others wanted to extend the party. The choices for Activity Three were between more drinks, an expensive nap, and horses. I already got to do the things I wanted that day- climbing and dinner- so I didn’t really care what happened. I was content!

Horses prevailed. I collected another person under my custody. Adam raced an orphan horse a few times. Joel and Shelly were kicking butt with their horses; after a while, they were training their apprentices. Tim had some fun with the whip [not gonna mention the name of his horse here]. Bert and Krystle’s horses did pretty well.

I got a brand new horse, my first! Sire Hit Maker and Dam Silent Lady spawned a beautiful black female named… Wrecker! We found that I am an excellent trainer but a terrible jockey. Wrecker came near last a few times, her best place in a race was 6th of 12, so I decided to rest her after that.

Then home and a good night’s rest. I planned to make it to church the next day, when I remembered that I’m helping with an upcoming event, but the next day I had fire arms! Man, my eyes were tearing up from the… discovery of muscles I didn’t know I had.

Mucho mahalo to everyone who came to help celebrate Birthday Observance Day! It doesn’t happen every year and not always on the same day so thank you for going along with this. You guys are awesome, truly. Thank you for dinner and drinks! Thanks to Shelly for sponsoring Wrecker! Thanks to all for the gifts [with a special note for Rachel ‘cuz you’re just uniquely wonderful about it, you gotta see the pictures…]!

Thanks to Justin and Volcanic Rock Gym! We had a blast! [Check them out!]

For those afar and those who couldn’t make it, missed you and thinking of you! I apologize if I missed naming anyone.

Another mahalo to those who messaged me in some way on the actual day. It’s always a good feeling to be remembered. Much aloha to my sisters afar- Jules, Tracie, Joyful, and Darlene- and Kevin afar whom always remembers.

I am so glad and honored, more than I’ll ever be able to express, that everyone had such a good time! More climbing in the future?!! Who’s with me?