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Continuing with the Long Sunday

October 31- Service announcement

We’re still on updates from this past Sunday.

So, before service, I’m still trying to calm myself down from excitement and psych myself up to overcome the nervousness, a very tricky thing to do. I’m smiling like a madwoman ‘cuz of this, you know, so I wouldn’t, like, throw up or something.

Then comes the OCC video, after which I will be going up on stage. I took off my slippers and went up barefoot when the moment came; I wanted to lessen the chances that I would trip and fall on my face. I’m telling you, I really think about these things. I wonder if anyone noticed.

Well, good thing that I took some time to prepare the night before and that I was willing to ask people to pray about this. I almost fully derailed a couple times. I couldn’t read my notes much at all because my hands were shaking so much. I tried to be mindful if I could hear if I was speaking into the mic or not, but I have no idea how well or not I did in that.

Thank God that Pastor B stayed with me up there and held the sample box for me. And then I’m also reminding myself to look up into the audience mostly. I tried to remember to smile but I don’t remember smiling. I told myself to slow down, not blur the words, I’m up there so that people can hear words. And I’m also thinking, “repetition is good, repetition is good…” *sigh. So the preaching lesson in BS last year came in handy a bit, I think, I hope.

I definitely know that I remembered to say “Good morning” to start and “Thank you” to end. Anything in between, I have no idea.

Anyways, even after it was done, I couldn’t help but smile as I sat in the pews, just… I was thinking, “Don’t laugh out loud. Pastor M’s giving the message. It would be so rude if he’s not making a joke. Don’t laugh out loud!” because it was… I finished my part and then I wanted to laugh because however well or badly I did speaking, it was entirely the HS’s turn, the HS’s responsibility to move people’s hearts to respond.

I also wanted to laugh because I was thinking what did I just do?! Every time that I decide I’m going to be obedient to God and I ask him what I should do, and then I do it poorly or I do it well but look at what God just had me do! Yup, the sense of humor is a gift from God.

And I think the HS did a good job because after service, people came up and picked up boxes to fill. Someone said they wouldn’t have time to fix up a box so they donated money instead. Others picked up more information ‘cuz they had boxes at home they could use. I had people come up to ask me about signups for the drop off week. I had people say that I did a good job speaking.

And you know, my speech wasn’t as good as I had practiced, but it got the message out and across. It was a hard thing for me to do, and the HS’s gonna take care of it because I asked. That’s the main thing.

I remembered how much of a blessing it is for me to hear an elder give the family prayer on Sundays past, because in situations like that, this elder stutters and he has to speak slowly. I have the sense that he’s not doing the prayer because it’s his duty as an elder so much as he’s being obedient to his Lord. I sometimes question other leaders as I observe them and interact with them, but with this elder, I trust that he’s trusting the Lord.

Still October 31- Harvest set up

So I hung out with the T-Birds for lunch and watched the group practice something. Then the group dispersed and I hung out with Pineapple. Actually, we were kinda left behind. Then we found the guys setting up for the Harvest and we joined them.

Tenor and Polar Bear were there and I got to hang out with them a bit during set up! : )

So then most of the guys were working on putting the big tent up. It was comedy, at least it seemed so mostly for me and Polar. They were going to lift the frame to move the tent over. Polar went to a side and I went to the corner where no one was. Polar noticed most of the guys were on the other end, that I had a corner pretty much to myself, so he goes, “I knew you could handle, that’s why. I know you strong!” … Uh huh…. Hahaha!

Whoever had the bungies came around, passed me and then tossed some to Polar. Polar was like, “Ho, he didn’t give you any [bungies]?” and then threw some at me. Then Polar and I are on one side kinda by ourselves while the other side had more guys to bungy. Polar’s telling me he doesn’t have enough slack, he needs more, but I had nothing to do with that! So he tells the other guys don’t pull! And then Tenor’s across the way going, “I’m not!” Oy. The tent got up.

Oh, and while putting up the tent, I introduced myself [officially] to H whom was there.

Later on, XL says to put out some tables, 3 and 3. Tenor and I had no idea what he meant by 3 and 3, and then saw that there were only 5 tables. We could’ve used a few more clarifying words, but didn’t get much, so just put the tables out however. Tenor made his own kine cluster. I put out one table and then tried to keep the cart from rolling away or stabilizing it so Tenor could get the tables off, which sounds simpler than it was. Then I had a little fun in running the cart up out of the way.

I am a little tomboy still and like doing manual labor. It’s just that I wanna have fun with it by being with others, and also I sometimes hold back because I either don’t know how to do something, I know that it could be more dangerous than fun if I try to lift something I cannot possibly by myself, or I hold back because I’m limited by physical characteristics, like not being able to reach or lift something high enough or my wingspan doesn’t go around something enough for me to carry well, etc. I know some guys don’t like having the females help with manual labor stuff because we can get in the way or guys wanna do the hard work or think the girls aren’t interested, so I like when opportunities like this comes up for me. I’m stronger than I look. And I try to be more help than hindrance to the process. It’s just all how I was brought up; I wasn’t exactly raised to be a girly-girl.

Anyways, Polar was delegated to pick up something from a hardware store and was taking a couple guys. He asked if I wanted to go so I went with them. During the ride, a song with rather graphic language came on and I noticed Polar move to change the music quick. : )

At the store, the item happened to be straight up the aisle from the entrance so we found it quick. It was one bag of stuff so Polar’s like, “Took 4 of us to pick up this stuff!” So Polar and Pineapple use the self-check out station, which Polar never used before, but for a Halloween Sunday, there were a lot of people there. H and I waited for the guys and then was like what’s taking them so long?

We got back and the fire alarm at the church was going off, have no idea how. I helped very little with the sound guys because I know that I don’t know anything about that stuff so basically ended my usefulness. I said I was there for them for moral support. Joker said they’d take it. Then came my ridiculosity in asking, “Even from an immoral person?” It was a joke! And to Joker and Broke’s credit, I’m pretty sure they took it as lightly; I mean, they should know me enough by now that I’ll say something off kilter just for the sake of ridiculousness.

I guess people think I walk around with this holier-than-thou attitude when I’m generally unaware that I’m doing that, or it comes off that way because I don’t say anything so they interpret the look on my face however they do- they need to lighten up! Anyways, I followed up the “immoral” comment with “I wasn’t meaning me, really….” Hehehe! You know, I do realize that I’m a sinner too, like the joke was both true and not true, so that was a lightening up moment.

I know, I do forget sometimes that I am NOT funny!

Like almost on cue, Fist arrived. She didn’t know how to do the sound stuff either, so she came to help me get costume-ready. Didn’t take too long. And too much of the day was on my mind that I held to not talking ministry with her; I’m still not ready to do that with her again, nothing against her, it’s that right now I still have that crucial vacancy in my support system that I am limited in what I say. We talked briefly about other things and it was good.

We came back and kind of roamed about for something to be helpful with. We were trying to help two youth girls decorate the place, and then they were called to do something else. What happened was that the original decorators were told to make signs and got busy doing that, so then the decorating went to the two youth but then they were called to man their booth because the event officially began, so it was kinda dumped on me and Fist in a way.

I’m saying this because then it became a little comedy of errors like. Fist and I can be creative and want to be helpful, but we’re better at it when we have more of a heads up and have more time to visualize the whole thing and know what we have to work with. Um, we had none of that here! So we’re going, “should we put this here? Will it stay if we put that there?” And we want it to look good, you know, do a good job. And since the event had started, we didn’t want to be in the way of operations.

*sigh. Oh my.

So then we were trying to think of what to do at the stage area ‘cuz it wasn’t being used yet. We kind of made more trash with the table skirt, which we hadn’t done other decos elsewhere because we had decided that we didn’t want to be making more trash that would blow into the street. Then it was deciding between streamers or balloons or both but I confirmed that I suck at balloons. For being in band, where we had to blow up whole trash bags to build up our breath strength and lung capacity, bronchitis screwed that up- I cannot blow up a balloon for my life! Or at least it will be very, very, very slow… and then I had trouble tying it off! NO BALLOONS FROM JENNIFER!

So… we chose streamers, but then it was where to put it so it wouldn’t be in the way of operations, or look totally weird. We wormed it through the holes in the stands. We had just talked about how tearing off a long piece of streamer was better than coming up short, and then I tore off a piece that was short. So the next two stands we did, the streamers were extra long. Oy.

At least we had fun.

I’ll stop here and talk more about the event next time hopefully.

Mahalo for reading.

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