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Updates on Recent Nudges [10.20.2010]

Equip & Inspire 2010 People Meeting:
So on the last day of the conference, during the morning session, I had an empty seat next to me. Between me and the aisle was one empty seat. I thought, who’s going to sit there, by themselves, next to me, a stranger?

Then this young lady asked if the seat was open. She sat down.

For the first half of the session, I was my shy introverted self. I thought, or the HS nudged me, I should talk to the young lady next to me. I did welcome her during the greeting portion. I keep thinking that if I just start talking to a stranger, I’m gonna creep them out. I’ve said before that I suck at small talk. I was at a Christian conference; what was I so afraid of?

Anyways, the HS kept nudging. When halftime came up, I made the effort. I asked if she was there alone and then progressed a little more in conversation.

For the record, in case I come across her again: Erica, PC c/o 2000 [?], GBC @LCC. At the second session, she brought her friend, Twinkle. I hope I see them again. Maybe I’ll visit GBC; I’ve been hearing some good stuff about them and I’ve been to their youth camp when I was younger.

I also had the thought that I have my camara with me, like always. I should have our pictures taken, so I can remember a face with the name and stuff. I wasn’t sure if that would push me over the creepy line, but the HS nudged… and I didn’t do it. Next time. Hey, I’m a work in progress. I’m making strides. Before, I never would have began the conversation with Erica at all.

Honolulu Habitat for Humanity stint:
Honolulu Habitat for Humanity
NKBA Aloha Chapter
Carolyn Pace Design

This past Sunday, I got to volunteer with HHH! It wasn’t a build, the part I really want to do again, but it was still investing in the organization. When I got the confirmation of my assignment [by email], I was so excited! And one of the coordinators called me to reconfirm by phone; I thought that’s a good sign.

The HHs can be organized differently. The one in East Bay, where I previously volunteered, was very well organized. I wasn’t sure how the Honolulu HH would be like, given past attempts to contact them in order to volunteer coming to no reply back at all, but it’s been a few years so things are looking better now!

Sunday was the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Tour. This year, 12 homes/ designers/ contractors participated to show recent remodeling work. The tickets purchased allowed people to visit any of the 12 homes and talk to the designers/ contractors for ideas, etc. Proceeds went to HHH.

In my opinion, this was a step up from going to a showroom or seeing small mock ups in a Home Depot or something. One can see what someone actually did to their kitchen or bathroom. It makes the possibilities more real.

All I had to do was show up, help a little with the setup, and then greet people at the doors. I checked tickets or sold tickets. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

The owners were there for the setup. Turns out, they’re the parents of a classmate of mine. When KK, the classmate, walked in, at first my spirit crept into its shell again, but the HS nudged. HS said I wasn’t a horrible person in high school; I have nothing to fear in approaching people from that time. So, I greeted her. She said I looked familiar but when I said my name, then she knew. And her parents are just lovely people.

The house also happened to be the neighbor to my friend’s [another classmate] mother’s house. The mother came by and so I was able to say hi. I don’t know why I was surprised to see people I knew; I was in my old neighborhood.

The designer Carolyn Pace was very cool too. I listened a little to what she was saying to the visitors about how she went about the design of the K’s kitchen. She knew her stuff. It’s a beautifully functional kitchen. And her son, with his girlfriend, was very friendly also. They brought us [me and another volunteer] lunch from Andy’s in Manoa- yum! Mushroom Turkey sandwich! The son, Gary [?] works at Nordstrom’s; he talked about that a bit with the other volunteer [they were the talkers, the men. G’s girlfriend and I, not so much the talkers].

The organizer, Bianca stopped by to make sure we had what we needed on the HHH side. She walked up and greeted us, then said she had to meet the real [my name]. She was cool!

So all-in-all it was a good time.

Recent… something…:
I met with a mentor on Monday. I’m still growing and a lot refreshed by the conference. I got some stuff to think about, as always.

In relation to my ministry work plans, I decided I would lift someone specific up by going to BS. I saw some good stuff starting to take place. It’s just difficult sitting there, hearing the teacher say stuff that I know he’s said before, and stuff I’ve learned elsewhere along my journey, and stuff that I told the group also. It is confirmation that I’m not just talking out of my behind, but that I’m trying to pass on the stuff that I’ve learned and that I’ve found to be either true and/ or helpful to spiritual growth. The difficulty is that… nevermind. I have to keep focused on my ministry work I am currently on. At least I continue to find encouragement that I DO have things to pass on and that they are things of worth. And I have people to pass it on to. And the thing that I didn’t say is that… nevermind. This isn’t the place to say it I guess.

I’m still so saddened when… nevermind. *sigh*

Anyways, Alpha was there. In the end, Broke invited me to pray with him and Alpha. I had them pray over my ministry work and all the ideas coming to me, to see that something happens. We prayed and then talked a bit more. I think I’ll write a separate entry for this.

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child assist:
Operation Christmas Child

Pastor Cousin got the desire to help with OCC this year. He offered me a position in his work in this, but for awhile I wasn’t sure. Actually, he offered that I lead it so that I could possibly unify the different YA groups in it, and I wasn’t sure about doing that or that it would work. I dunno, maybe I crapped out on this.

Or maybe not, because I got a clear, heavy HS nudge that I must be a part of seeing Pastor Cousin’s project be as successful as it can be. [It also fits in with my ministry plan.]

So I let Cousin know that I will help in any way that he needs. I will be working with his assistant in this project, especially while Cousin will be away on a mission trip. I’m so excited about this now! The thing is that I only got truly excited the moment I told Cousin I’d help, so I know I must do this. [Remember Jenn, this still doesn’t guarantee easiness but it will prove fulfilling!]


That is all. For now.

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