Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Untitled [10.20.2010]

No matter what, some stuff just suck.

Like voided friendships.

Like making a promise to someone and then having it not matter to them whether I break it or not.

Like letting people know by words and deeds how much they mean to me and having them erase me from their life. Or worse yet, having them keep me as their FB friend for appearances, in order to not raise any suspicions. It’s worse than having someone be honest in rejecting my friend request.

Like being able to walk away and have friends not care enough to stop me.

Like missing my sisters being here.

Like dishonesty or lacking the ability to be honest.

Like people thinking they’re a genius when this makes them an idiot instead.

Like misunderstandings and stubbornness.

Like people not recognizing their own faults and weaknesses, then getting upset when I bring one to their attention. It doesn’t matter how much I did or didn’t wrap it in love.

Like spoiled people pretending to have unspoiled airs.

Like being blamed for something I didn’t do, or being blamed because of what someone else did.

Like not being able to depend on those I should be able to depend upon.

Like people thinking that gossip is true.

Like people believing the worst about me.

Like people unable to see the best in me.

Like people not caring.

Like being expendable.

Like this post.

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