Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can’t Because

am old
am introverted
don’t dance
am easily discouraged
am aggressive
am poor
am impassionate
think too much
am young
know too much
don't know enough
believe too much
am ambitious
am emotional
am intuitive
am fat
am not athletic
am unchanging
am a weak liar
am slow
am sick
am uninteresting
don’t swear
don’t do drugs
have never smoked
have never broken curfew
am unstable
am lazy
am confused
am afraid
cannot relate
am friendless
am careless
am passionate
am unwise
am unfriendly
am stubborn
am impatient
am antisocial
am not funny
am not a good singer
am not a good writer
am unimaginative
am not pretty
am not charming
want more
am dying
am too direct
take risks
take initiative
am bold
am passive
am offensive
am not talented
am apathetic
am cruel
am impure
am brokenhearted
am direct
am ice cold
am not a follower
am timid
am intimidating
am unemotional
am short
am neurotic
have crossed wires in my mind
make mistakes
am unforgiving
am stingy
am proud
am undisciplined
am a lousy communicator
am misunderstood
am unheard
am alone
want more
am judged
am suspected
am untrustworthy
cannot meet expectations
am disappointing
am doubtful
am disrespected
am not creative
like cats
care too much
hope too much
desire too much
am careless
am deep
am shallow
am too logical
am non-sensical
don’t want drama
don’t want to lose friends
don’t want to make friends
am unforgiven
am me

can because I serve almighty GOD!

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