Monday, September 13, 2010

People Investing

I think I’m better around people, if only when I’m around people, I’m not thinking about troubles. And that scares me. I may be better around people but I’m not good around people.

Several days last week, I spent with people.

Last Sunday, several of us hung out after church, drinking coffee and just sitting around, talking. It almost felt like old times. It also felt like looking in.

Tuesday, I watched a friend’s bowling match. Tree did well! Her last game, she bowled a 162. I watched her get in a few strikes and spares. Considering I’m a gutterball pro, I was certainly impressed. Afterwards, Tree thanked me for coming, once by voice and another by text.

Then I went to a meeting since I was in the area.

Thursday, I went on a hike with the guys. It was a good day for a hike. The first time I hiked Manoa Falls was about 8 years ago with Crusty and her friends. It seemed much different this time. I remember steeper inclines, more mud, and more space between the greenery. I wonder if maybe we didn’t go as far this time and so didn’t reach the vision of my memory. Or I was confusing it with a different hike with Crusty; we definitely went to Manoa Falls and past it because I have pictures of us.

The guys and I came across some green bamboo that reminds one of scenes from “House of Flying Daggers.” The guys tried climbing the bamboo, which I must confess; I would’ve liked to try, if I had a stronger upper body and guaranteed toe protection. A remnant of a tomboy still lives in me. It was entertaining to watch the guys try.

And my toenail is completely gross. I slid in my shoe again. For a moment, I could feel the blood clotting in my toe, or at least that’s what it felt like when it hurts bad. Another hike ending in barefootedness for me, yay! Maybe I should just hike in slippers from now on….

Friday was to be a busy, long day. Lunch with Squeakers didn’t happen ‘cause I forgot Mom would need the car and Squeakers needed to be somewhere by a certain time, not giving us much time together. We’ve been trying to get together for weeks now.

I made it to prayer time with Minister. These moments haven’t failed to bring up good discussion. I’m still wondering how to be a part of bringing about good change. Towards that, Minister seems to be up on a lot of information that I don’t have. One of the bigger questions is, when someone at some time in the past has dropped the ball, how can another now pick it up again? I suppose I’m also trying to figure out exactly what the ball is. A piece of it is mentoring, I believe, but perhaps it goes a step further than that.

Then it was off to be a witness to a new year of Joker’s life, a life with which I am grateful to have crossed paths. This year, it made me face how much I missed in the past year, and how much I wish I hadn’t; it was a difficult situation and I’m not going to take all the responsibility for it. I had hoped to see Polar and Tenor at dinner also, but that didn’t happen. The horses, however, did make an appearance.

The next day, a few of us went to the beach, me and the guys again. I don’t mind being the only female trying to keep up with the guys, it seems to depend on the guys though and this was a good gathering. Polar was there and we had a little time to talk. I couldn’t say the hard stuff and so I forgot to also say that I had missed him.

It was another beautiful day. Food from Keneke’s, always good. I just wanted a mini katsu for lunch but Polar, who paid for my food, said I couldn’t order a mini and got me a regular; I had the other half later that night for dinner.

At the beach, while the guys dug the traditional hole in the sand, Joker scooped up a huge crab. Pineapple let the water wash him up [on his board] on shore. Then he made like a sea turtle, trying to pull himself up further while still lying on his stomach. Pineapple got stung by a man-o-war. I’ve never been stung before. I did the girly thing: exfoliated. My legs feel super smooth at the moment! Another confession: I am jealous that the guys can bodysurf. I can’t even get going on a board!

So despite all the talk about how I want to climb with the guys and surf with the guys, I still love being a woman! I just wish I was better at chasing my athletic endeavors.

Update: I heard back from Honolulu Habitat for Humanity! Except, they had a cancellation a couple Saturdays ago and on short notice, so I turned it down. I was supposed to spend time with Squeakers that day. But, they said I would be put on the waiting list; they’re booked till November. Imagine that, a waiting list in order to volunteer time! Well, they only work on Saturdays. Still, I’m excited. While I wait for that, I’m looking into possibly volunteering with the food bank.

The end.