Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Incomplete Introduction to “Alpha Lift” and Other Posts

I think I’ve got the words to articulate the difference between what is in the vision that I have compared to what the young adults of Group A… want possibly. Much of this is for lack of better words.

The goal vision is something like… having a team of young adults be caretakers of a broad young adult ministry. The team would be led or guided by a “mature/maturing” Christian, whether an adult or young adult. The b-min is for the caretaking of the spiritual plant or growth of young adults in general.

Within that broad ministry are sort of [flbw] sub-ministries. The sub-ministries would have more specific purposes, as in this small group for these particular individuals or that small group for those particular individuals, or a s-min that is for reaching out to other young adults, or a s-min that is by young adults serving the homeless of any age.

In the vision, young adults would have a place where they could come and explore the Christian faith, whether one is a believer or non-believer, curious or struggling or searching for peace or looking to better understand, whatever it is. One would see young adults coming to faith, seeking to serve others, being grounded in the foundations of the faith while able to build up with their stances of the things that are [flbw] debatable, worshiping the Lord…. Well, young adults being equipped to display the fruits of the spirit. And wherever the b-min is headquartered, young adults would know that they could always go there to find support. It’s sort of… a resource for getting a refill in order to outpour the overflow of the Holy Spirit unto others.

Well, a special obstacle of the church to which I am assigned is that it is fractured in so many ways. There are, in general, about three separate groups of young adults. It’s okay to have the separate groups, like if thinking of them as their own small groups, but I was/am seeking a b-min that could possibly have a uniting essence of the different groups, something that could bring them together….

So it seems like Group A is seeking out how to do an s-min [in the preceding description] together, while I’ve been talking about a b-min, something that is greater than Group A, something that is greater than ourselves. They’re looking at details, not necessarily a bad thing to do, while I have this big picture idea. I suppose it seemed that Group A had a good background for… moving towards this vision and it seems that I was wrong possibly. I mean, if it’s between God and me, I’m thinking I’m the one to make a mistake. Or was there a mistake at all?

Well, I don’t know. I really don’t. About any of it. I suppose this is just a step towards something. It could possibly change as I get more information or more pieces to reaching the vision.

I’m open to what can be and that I should try to get there. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was something I could accomplish on my own, but the vision includes others. Either way is scary to me. Stepping out by myself towards something unknown or asking others to join me, following my lead into the unknown.

I am personally at a place where I am torn between things and figuring out how to use my nature [which seems to be in constant flux, adding to the challenge] towards achieving the vision. Possible spiritual gifts for me are that of apostleship and shepherding. For me at least, I’m having a difficult time managing those together. Maybe they are diametrically opposed, I don’t know. Although I seem to be a very cautious person, I am also a risk-taker. Ministry involves risks. At the same time that I want to move forward, the nurturing relationships part of me doesn’t want to leave people behind, or perhaps not in this case since I believe where I’m headed is a good risk for anyone involved.

Also, I see the value in traditions and see the good behind certain traditions of the church. And then I am also open to exploring other ways of doing things. So I suppose, it’s related to… there are things that I am unwilling to budge on and then there are things that I have a stance on that I can state but don’t really care to argue about because in the end I don’t believe they will matter so much.

For the vision, I believe that loving God and loving others would be foundational. I have ideas on how to go about it, but they’re ideas I want to try. The goal product might look like something else all together but I don’t want to just not try the initial ideas. For others, I would like that they be more open to trying.

I’m sorry, no, I might have lost where I was going with this. Well, at least this is here and I can edit my thoughts as needed.

Finally, moving on to Alpha…

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