Thursday, September 16, 2010

Butter Me Up

Apple visited recently and brought some goodies with her! She knows how to keep my friendship- just kidding.

One of the goodies she brought for me was the Cucumber Melon Body Butter from Bath & Body Works. It came at a good time because I’m a few drops away from finishing up the last bottle of lotion I was working on.

Since I’ve exfoliated my legs on a recent trip to the beach, I decided to start using the body butter after I shower. It smells fresh and good! At first, the application feels a little greasy; it’s called body BUTTER for a reason. My legs are very dry, but after a minute of the body butter, my legs feel smooth and fully moisturized. It’s a little strange just because I’m not used to my legs feeling so soft. The moisturizing lasts longer than the previous lotion I was using.

I like the Cucumber Melon scent, but I’m not yet sure that it matches me. My everyday scent is slightly more floral and to me smells more like a fresh, clean shower. Maybe I just need more time to get use to the new scent.

Overall, I would recommend the body butter [in whatever scent you like that the company makes]. For softer, hydrated skin that lasts all day, try Body Butter by Bath & Body Works.

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