Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bittersweet Braking

Several years ago, I sensed that I should take a break from school with the intent of continuing school after the break. I was… frustrated to hear my then-advisor say that I would have a difficult time returning to school if I took a break. This has continued to frustrate me over the next several semesters; I think the resentment of needing a breather has stayed with me all this time.

It’s also been difficult because I kept the knowledge of my depressions from the school. It’s never easy to know if it’s okay to disclose such information, to know that I need help but not looking for pity, you know?

Well, I had an advising today. The current advisor is much more on top of things- I wish she had been the advisor back when! I am going to end up owing a lot of gratitude to this advisor when I graduate and I won’t mind paying it.

I have continued to be a little behind on a few credits. Today, Advisor said that I can take a break, that I could’ve taken one back when.

So it is with bittersweet sentiment that I take a leave of absence this semester in order to catch up. Advisor advised that I take the break now, even though I’d like to push through and feel that I could push through now. I finally get my breather- a few years late, but it’s something. And I will be able to return to “full active duty” within a year, though I’m planning on returning in next Spring.


During this break, I have academic work to do. I also have a lot of ministry ideas that I’d like to get a start on trying, some good that I’m excited about and others… eh; hopefully I can get others excited too because they’re mostly ideas that involve a community of people. I also have to consider between a FT or PT job this semester. Oh, and I sent in another volunteer form for a local Habitat for Humanity.

I think I might elaborate on these things in another entry.

Thank you for reading! The end.