Thursday, August 19, 2010

So That’s Why They Call It “Happy Hour!”

Apple’s visiting and so she and I met up with Nurse at Indigo’s for happy hour. This is the first time I’ve gone anywhere for happy hour. Apple and Nurse had both been to Indigo’s before. The $4 martinis were the kickers.

I tried the Lychee, Mandarin Blossom, and the Italian Lemondrop Martinis. They were DE-licious! Apple and Nurse liked the John Daly. For the last round, Apple braved the En Fuego, complete with chili peppers!

BUT… the other half of the great happiness at Indigo’s is that they serve free pupus. Yup, I said FREE! They put out dishes and then they’re free until they’re all gone. It’s not soybeans and peanuts either; we’re talkin’ rice, potatoes, green beans, thai noodles, regular noodles with egg, tofu, broccoli… etc. This lady said that the food is organic and locally grown. She also said that some of the food would be about $16 if ordered for lunch. Wow. And when I say that it was broccoli and all that, it was not boring at all. All the vegetables were cooked to perfection, the mushrooms tasted like they might have been cooked with sherry, oh, and they had a spicy melon salad. I didn’t eat that much but I was SATISFIED.

The atmosphere is great. They have several different areas, which I always like about a place. The décor is beautiful. The place is tucked away in town. From the bar, I could still people-watch those on the street from relative seclusion. Also, I need to note, they have good, clean, well-stocked restrooms- very important.

The bartender was cool too. She was telling us how she used to be a regular customer there for the martinis especially, so her co-workers kinda tease her about how she’s working there now. The Lychee is the most popular, but she was telling us about the En Fuego which led to Apple trying it.

Nurse and I, who live locally, plan on making it to Indigo’s again sometime!

Wanna join us?

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