Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going Greek!

I’ve been hearing good things about Greek yogurt. It came on sale so I decided to try it. I have tried two different brands; I had the same results from both. [Diet and exercise; I went to the gym and for a while now, I’ve been eating better as well].

Greek yogurt against the regular yogurt I usually have:
- Less calories
- Non-fat
- "all natural"
- Less sugars
- More protein

Also: costs about twice as much. Though this isn’t quite so bad, as the Greek yogurt I bought has 50% more ounces.

Verdict: the taste is slightly tangier yet good. The texture is slightly thicker and okay. It was a more satisfying snack; I felt fuller than I usually do after having yogurt, and it wasn't the extra 2 ounces. Less sugar, the better for me, in general.

I would recommend making a switch to Greek yogurt; I like it!

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