Monday, August 30, 2010

Because Of You: Asking Guys Out

When I was in high school, I would hear things about guys being interested in me. I always figured that if the guy really was interested and if he thought enough of me, he would do something about it, he would ask me out or something.

I would have some guy friends who would stay close to me which caused people to think that I was dating someone. Yeah, apparently I had a lot of “boyfriends” in high school that I didn’t know about.

When Dimples asked me out, I thought well enough of him to say yes; I liked that he came up to me and asked.

One time, he told me that he thought I had been dating his friend Bond or my friend Stinky, two of the guy friends with whom I would spend some amount of time. I asked Dimples why he had asked me out anyway if he thought I was dating someone.

Dimples said it was because he’d rather know than to not ask and keep wondering what my answer would have been.

When I’m interested enough in a guy, I think about Dimples’ answer and I’ll ask the guy to hangout or something in order to get to know him better.

If I never ask, I’ll never know.

A time that I put this into practice was in getting to know Handsome. Handsome and I met while taking the same art class at the U. I thought he was, well, handsome, or more precisely, that Handsome was out of my league. Not only was he good looking, but I thought the projects he produced for class were good, so he was also talented. Nothing really happened between us in that class; we’re both on the quiet-shy side.

The next semester, I ran into Handsome again. We were both taking Spanish. Though we were in separate classes, they were at the same time and across the hall from each other. The classroom door would usually stay open; sometimes I would look across the hall and see Handsome and he’d smile back at me. On a rather regular basis, we would talk in the hallway while waiting for our classes to start, or meet up while walking out after class.

One day, as we were walking out of class, I decided I wanted to know and asked Handsome if he’d like to have lunch together. If I never asked….

Well, Handsome said yes! And we hung out many times after that.

Because of Dimples, I’ll go for it; I’ll ask a guy out.

The end.