Monday, July 12, 2010

Your Favorite Book

Your favorite book.

Jane Eyre- by Charlotte Bronte
I have no solid reason why “Jane Eyre” is my favorite book. I mean that it’s not like I would say that it’s the best book ever written [I would honestly say that the best book ever written is the Bible]. I don’t think it would be on many a people’s Top 10 list.

It’s also difficult to speak plainly about it since I don’t have much time to read what I like to these days. My time is taken up with Religion, Hawaiian, and Architecture books. That is to say, it’s been a long long long time since I last read “Jane.”

But oh, “Jane Eyre.” I think overall it has to be her story of perseverance. She went through a lot of junk and of people trying to “hammer the nail that stands up,” so to speak. I think she’s often made aware that she’s different from everyone around her. Then when it seemed she would get something that would make her happy, it doesn’t last for very long before the scenery changes again.

Of all literary characters that I come across, I think I relate most to Jane. That may change over time, I don’t know. I think she was a strong woman for her time, and yes she’s just a character in someone’s story; should that take away from her admirable qualities?

Okay, truthfully, The Bible is my favorite book and “Jane Eyre” is the second. I think I talk about the Bible so much already, I wanted to give something else a chance to shine.

A few more goodies:
Pride and Prejudice
Xanth series
Elfquest series
East of Eden
Chronicles of Narnia series
The Hobbit and LOTR series
Crystal Cave series
One Door Away From Heaven
Mere Christianity
The Bell Jar
The Eyes of the Dragon
Things Fall Apart
Glinda of Oz
The Three-inch Golden Lotus
The Song of the Lark

I read a lot of different things. I’ve written before how I’m such a nerd and I have almost every college textbook I’ve ever had to use. Every so often, I’ll do some pre-calc exercises from the book, read some philosophy stuff, try to study some history, etc. I have Hawaiian stuff, Christian stuff, Spanish stuff- just all kinds of books.