Friday, July 30, 2010

Once, Twice Crushed

I don’t think of myself as boy-crazy and I would rarely say that I have a crush on someone, but I have one on the actor Paul Walker.

It's not a crazy crush though. Even though Walker’s in the islands often, I don’t see us running into each other. I’m not doing any investigative work to find out where he stays or where he frequents. News of him being involved with someone doesn’t bother me. I don’t have a T-shirt with his face on it. I’m not one to rush out to see a movie he’s in; I don’t rush out to see any movie really.

The most I’ve done is to feature Paul Walker on a CD cover design for a mixed CD I made. Featuring him had no connection to the songs on the disc either. I put together songs I liked and then put pictures I liked on the cover. It is NOT filled with love songs. I have also made CD designs using WonderWoman, pictures of my friends, and miscellaneous personal pictures.

I just enjoy watching Paul Walker in movies. Seeing him smile makes me wanna smile. And there’s something else to why I like him, which I will explain later in this entry.

I used to think that I had only seen a few Paul Walker movies so I did a test. According to the list on, I’ve seen about half of the movies that he’s been in.

[The ones in italic are what I’ve seen]
Takers (2010) .... John Rahway
Fast & Furious (2009) .... Brian O'Conner
The Lazarus Project (2008) .... Ben Garvey
Stories USA (2007) ..../ Mikey (segment "Life Makes Sense If You're Famous")
The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) .... Tim Kearney
Flags of Our Fathers (2006) .... Hank Hansen
Eight Below (2006) .... Jerry Shepard
Running Scared (2006) .... Joey Gazelle
Into the Blue (2005) .... Jared
Noel (2004) .... Mike Riley
Timeline (2003) .... Chris Johnston
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) .... Brian O'Conner
Life Makes Sense If You're Famous (2002) .... Mikey
Joy Ride (2001) .... Lewis Thomas
The Fast and the Furious (2001) .... Brian O'Conner
The Skulls (2000) .... Caleb Mandrake
Brokedown Palace (1999) (uncredited) .... Jason
She's All That (1999) .... Dean Sampson
Varsity Blues (1999) .... Lance Harbor
Pleasantville (1998) .... Skip Martin
Meet the Deedles (1998) .... Phil Deedle
Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) .... Michael
Programmed to Kill (1987) .... Jason
Monster in the Closet (1986) .... 'Professor' Bennett

By this, I’ve seen 12 out of 24 Paul Walker movies. I’m amazed by the numbers. The movies of 2006, I’ve only recently watched in the past few months.

One more thing about this crush is that I think it is helped by the similarity in features of Paul Walker to my friend Handsome. They are both tall with athletic body types. They’re smiles are similar, both wonderful; seeing Paul Walker smile reminds me of Handsome. Handsome is a laidback kind of guy and Paul Walker seems to be the same [in his off-camara life, not always the characters he portrays].

Now, Handsome, I would definitely say that I had a crush on him! Uncharacteristic of me, I would giggle and blush upon the thought of him. I would hope to see him. It was weird for my friends to see me that way. It was weird for me to be that way! One of the rare crushes of my life and still, I wasn't one to waste away on idealizing him or saying things like, "he doesn't know I exist!" I asked him to lunch and we became friends.

I was going to have comparison pictures of Paul Walker and Handsome, but so far I haven't really shown my friends pictures of Handsome so for now I kinda like the fact that they wonder a little when I mention him. Besides, my picture of Handsome doesn’t do him justice; I wish I had a better picture.

Oh well.

[Paul Walker image source]

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