Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I: The Best of the Best

Tell us about your best friend.

I have a few.

Crusty, I met from church. She started coming to the same church around 1994 or so. She’s the closest person I know to being “the whole package”- she’s indescribably intelligent, beautiful within and without, and talented- and that by practically anybody’s standards. We’ve been through the good and the bad together. Even while our friendship went through an awkward period [for reasons neither of us really know why it was so], we remained together and as close as we could and we came through it together. I admire her greatly and hope to learn from her examples.

Apple, I met from church. I started to really get to know her about 1999 or so through Crusty. We’ve also been through the good and the bad together. We’ve both grown and changed over the years yet an inseparable and unconditional love has formed and we’re bonded together no matter location or time, or who we’ve happened to become. I credit her unbelievable patience, forgiveness and grace with me. She’s smart and beautiful yet I think her greatest possession is an incredibly compassionate soul.

Chulo, I met from first college life. From my perspective, we quickly grew in fondness for each other though took our time developing anything. We never became more than officially friends because for complicated reasons that had nothing to do with Chulo, I returned home to live. We haven’t seen each other since I left, but we’ve kept in touch over the years- it still amazes me. While I’ve spent more years with others at first college, while others spoke of keeping in touch with me, Chulo’s the one that always replied: emails, letters, phone calls, and now FB also. If I had gone back to continue my studies as planned, I’m fairly certain I would have been in danger of first love, and that says a lot. He’s been strong, protective, mature in ways that count, good-tempered, easy to talk to, etc.

They all have amazing smiles that light up my heart! :)

I have many more good friends [among them: Trace, Handsome, Jellee] yet these are my three greatest. It’s difficult to follow these guys, but I’m open to people making the list!