Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Morning

I was still awake this morning when Dad woke up. We went to Kay’s Bento (for him and Mom) and Tanioka’s (for me). I had to wait about 20 minutes before Tanioka’s opened, but the food is so worth it!

An old Japanese man and a Filipino guy were already there. After a while, the Japanese man started talking to me small kine. He said that he and the other guy were there just to buy bait. I couldn’t hear what he said he used for bait. Another Filipino guy drove up in a blue truck. The Japanese man said good thing he came early and beat the blue truck guy there ‘cuz the blue truck guy going buy all the bait. That guy catch ‘lotta fish.

At another stop off, a guy was coming out, followed by a young man about 11 years old. The young man held the door open for Dad and me. I said, “Thank you” and he said, “You’re welcome.” Oh, he had such a sweet little voice!

Just thought I’d share that. : )

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