Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Date with an Apple, a Night with a Pirate

Last night ended up being just Pirate and me. It was a good night! Dinner, a walk, and MUSIC!

I had tried looking up things to do on a Friday night. I stumbled upon a list of free or cheap things to do on O‘ahu. It was quite disappointing for the moment; most things suggested were at specific times of the year. I could only figure 4 of the 101 things that we could do last night.

Well, dinner was just a little past cheap, Gordon Biersch. It was such good food though! We both ordered a burger because they came with the delicious GB garlic fries! I ventured one of their brews, the Maertzen? I think that’s how it’s spelled but don’t ask me to pronounce it! The description said it was the most popular choice. I liked it- full flavor, no strong aftertaste, not too dry. I’m not really a beer connoisseur, so that’s my pedestrian description. A band played good music by the entrance.

Dinner was so filling that I suggested walking. We walked around the Ward area, spending some time in Borders.

Then we sat in my driveway for about an hour more, sharing music and singing. : )

When I sing, in my head I sound pretty good. On advice from a friend, I sometimes record myself when I practice. When I listen back to the recording, I think I sound like a little girl. Pirate doesn’t seem to think I sound young.

Pirate, however, is a wonderful singer.

Tuesday, Apple and I finally had our webcam date! At first, it didn’t look like I would be able to see her. Her video wasn’t working for about the first half hour. Then suddenly, it started working and I could see one of my favorite faces.

It was good to talk to her. Thank God for the person who invented video online chat! We might do this every week.

Ahhh, just these two nights made the week. I ALWAYS feel better for having spent time with Pirate and Apple. Thank God for great friends!

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