Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spoiled Fruit?

Even when I can get a grasp on something, the part about faith that is great, fascinating and sometimes frustrating is that element of doubt. Faith cannot be reasoned out, not completely. It’s all about heart. The Christian and the Atheist both have faith; one has faith that there is God and the Atheist has faith that there isn’t. It’s a matter of which way your heart is turned. At least, that’s what I’ve come to believe; I could always be wrong.

I sound somewhat sure in the previous post, but I’m not. I still have questions.

As in, if a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, does creeping sin and honest repentance have any effect on this analogy that Jesus gave us?

For instance, can a good tree become poisoned and, instead of bearing good fruit, begins to bear bad fruit? Can honest repentance be a metaphor for the gardener [Jesus] taking out the poisoned part of the tree so that it can bear good fruit again?

And if this were the case, the good fruit that was already harvested, I suppose they can remain good if it had been broken off from the tree before the tree became poisoned. Perhaps?

What about time? I would think it’s difficult to go through a day without sinning once. Would that one sin already poison the tree? Or is it only if that sin goes unchecked? I would think it’s more towards the unchecked sin that spreads because if one sin could ruin the tree, then there wouldn’t be any good trees for long, I would think.

I certainly believe that murder is worse than a white lie, it definitely brings about worse consequences, but I also believe that sin is sin. So would a white lie be enough to start the poisoning? Would murder ruin the whole tree all at once?

Are the trees people? Are the fruits people? I think perhaps the fruit might be people or maybe relationships or possibly the planting of the seed of God’s love in another’s life. I can’t think that good fruit is merely good acts because even an atheist can do good acts. Hmmm…character?

Is the goodness of the tree an analogy for the goodness of a heart towards God?

This is why I am not partial to pick apart a metaphor too much. Yet, I do it anyway.

Think about what you believe. Act on what you believe.

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