Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sometimes It Is That Easy

So I hadn’t seen a friend in months. He asked to hang out with me. “It’s been too long.”

Also, our friend Chemist is leaving for a trip soon. So Broke, Chemist, and I hung out a few nights ago.

It was good and relaxing. Drama-free. I needed that.

We started out with gelato. I had Red Orange with Grapenuts. Broke got Mint with Chocolate. Chemist tried the Strawberry Lychee Tapioca in Green Apple.

I thought the RO was good. I tend towards having something crunchy with my ice cream-ish desserts, which is usually graham cracker crumbs. I don’t recommend the Grapenuts, unless you enjoy having your skull vibrate each time you crunch down. As for me, I think I’ll stick with the cracker crumbs!

I’ve missed hearing Chemist tell her stories about “The 100% Word” and the writing she’s working on and such. I’ve missed hearing Broke talk about sci-fi shows and movies.

We moved over to the mall of the nearby SC, my old stomping grounds. So much has changed yet a lot is still the same. I got caught by a kiosk lady who proceeded to straighten my hair. Actually it was re-straightening, since I had already straightened my hair earlier in the day. The lady asked if I was Korean and I said no, Chinese. She said I was pretty. She couldn’t believe that I was [the age that I was last year]. I still walked away with all the money I had.

Chemist reminded me that I could have answered that I was Korean and would have been “truthful.” Broke didn’t get it so I explained.

We talked about God’s forgiveness: does God forgive everyone everything or does He only forgive once someone repents? I kind of think yes and somewhat no, that He forgives everyone everything while still setting consequences for us for our actions. I would think it hard to believe that He would set His redemption plan into motion if He hadn’t already forgiven. Then when we repent, He also forgives. It isn’t that He forgives again, but that when we repent, He joins us in the process of reconciliation and in that way forgives us.

I don’t know if that’s true or not. In the least, I believe that God definitely wants to forgive us. I caution about trying to understand His ways by our human ways, logic or experiences.

When we were walking back to the car which was parked on the bottom level of the parking structure, I saw this thing hanging from the ceiling. It was like frayed string or something. I thought it looked like a hanging chicken. Of course I had to point it out to my friends; how could I let them miss a sight like that?! There was a little fluff, a bigger poofier fluff, and then two straight pieces hanging down.

Later, we were talking about weirdness and what is normal. I told them how I feel so plain, so boring, so “average.” And then I will think differently or see things differently, like hanging chickens! So then I will feel so odd and strangely from everyone around me. I suppose I could be unique and still be boring.

Venues were closing down. We just kept talking in the car, so Chemist drove to my place. We stayed in the car in my driveway, talking some more. It started to rain so I had Chemist park in the carport [the family’s on one car for the time being]. And we talked a bit more.

So, I told them that I think I relate well to Bella Swan from the "Twilight" movies, or at least to Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella. It somewhat bothers me 'cuz I don't like Stewart's acting. Anyways, I relate to how Bella seems quite unaffected by things and how she deals with personal torment on her own [in "New Moon," her nightmares and such]. It's sort of the "So you're a vampire. Okay. So you're a werewolf. Okay." I think that's how I would have reacted in that situation also, not in awe and not in fear of who people are.

I asked if "aloof" is the word for that unaffectedness. Chemist said that's not the 100% word, and also that "aloof" tends to have a negative connotation to it. I shrugged, I didn't think it had a negative connotation. Is that part of how I'm unaffected, I'm unaffected by connotations? I dunno.

Broke was right. It had been too long.

I had a good time.

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