Saturday, June 26, 2010

I: Your Favorite Movie.

I love redemption stories. I have no all-time favorite. Instead, here I’m going to list ones I would recommend to those whom haven’t seen them yet. [Caution: if you are particularly sensitive regarding questionable content, I suggest looking the titles up on a site like or check a synopsis; most of these movies I would say are for adult audiences only].

It’s a Wonderful Life
Classic goodness! I finally watched it a couple years ago. I finally know why people love it. I also want Donna Reed’s wardrobe from this movie. For all those times I wonder “What does it matter?” Well, it matters.

Life as a House
The story has a good arc and a redemption quality to it. This might be my FAVORITE movie, at least top 5. It shows what is possible if YOU decide to be different and how YOUR starting something can affect those around you.

In Her Shoes
This one is about doing away with some expectations, exceeding others, and redemption. This may be my favorite chick flick.

The Story of Us
A portrayal of marriage, unglamorous yet committed with love, rough and difficult but tough enough to withstand it all and worth it.

The Majestic
Jim Carrey’s character becomes someone he’s not, and it’s a good thing.

Big Fish
One of the few Tim Burton films that I enjoy. I think each part and each actor/actress were perfect in their places. It’s fantastically fantastical in its art direction and storytelling.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Good interpretation of the book, in my opinion. C.S. Lewis is a master storyteller. The acting is wonderful, especially by the children, the professor, and Mr. Tumnus.

Shawshank Redemption
Stephen King, another master storyteller- that alone makes me intrigued. I haven’t read the short story this movie is based on. The reveal near the end was done very well; it makes one appreciate every scene that leads up to it and the fine acting that brought it to life.

The Contender
A true polítical thriller, amazing casting, great acting, good intelligent script. The main story is about the President wanting a woman confirmed as the next VP and the scrutiny the woman goes through.

The Last Castle
A thriller about the difference between born leaders and made leaders as illustrated within a military prison.

As I’ve said, I love redemption stories and this one has it for the title. It follows the story of Stan “Tookie” Williams, from being a founder of the L.A. Crips gang to prison to Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

August Rush
The treatment of music alone is worth the viewing of this movie.

What movie(s) would you recommend?

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