Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Wants To Talk Story?!!

Beware: run on sentences or whatever they’re called.

So someone requested a looooong time ago that I get a webcam, like years ago, and I didn’t see a need for it and was saving up for my ps camara and so I [not really] joked that Person should buy me one if Person wants me to have one so much but Person never did, said [jokingly, I hope] that I was a gold-digger and now that person’s not even talking to me anymore and I am soooooo SAD.

And Apple had also requested a webcam ever since she moved.

And then Bro got me a GC but I still kinda waited because I thought I might come across something I would need but so far haven’t. I started to look at webcams and whatnot, trying to figure out what to get and stuff. I take a long time because I’m never really sure that it’s a good purchase and what but by the time I get around to buying something it’s usually on sale which helps the process get a move on.

So it was on sale and I finally got a webcam!

And just so happens that the same day I get it, Criminal Minds is about a killer that uses cams. This is freaking out an already paranoid mind, but I had already decided that the cam is not to be connected when not in use. This is also because I attached a USB extension for the purpose of having easy access to the port and I’m not gonna set up another one just to webcam. Maybe i’m making too much of it. The cam also has a privacy shade over the lens so that should help ease my delicate security sensitivities.

Now I'm gonna hafta figure out how all this works...

Mahalo for reading! Who wants a chat with my face?

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