Monday, May 10, 2010

Watch a Little Dance… Get Down Tonight

“Dancing With the Stars” on Monday nights! Tonight is Week Eight of the competition with 5 stars left: Niecy Nash, Nicole Scherzinger, Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek, and Chad Ochocinco.

I’ve watched most of seasons 2-4. My favorite star so far [that I’ve seen] is Emmitt Smith of Season 3. The former Dallas Cowboy RB won that season with quick feet, a brilliant smile and a truly star personality. My favorite of the female professional dancers is Cheryl Burke; male pro-dancer is probably Derek Hough. I am almost sure to like the dances that they choreograph. Cheryl Burke is the one that helped Emmitt Smith win the mirrorball trophy.

Anyways, back to the current season. The only reason I’m saying anything about this season at all is for Evan Lysacek. Lysacek is the reigning Winter Olympic men’s figure skating gold medalist. I first noticed him while watching the 2006 WO champion’s gala, an exhibition put on after the skating competitions are done. He skated to Michael Buble’s rendition of “Sway.” I liked the performance and I liked the music.

So it was a thrill to be able to watch Lysacek win the gold in 2010. Thank you to Chemist and her DVR!

And now he’s on DWTS, and doing GREAT!

Okay, THIS Is the reason I’m writing: last week, Lysacek’s individual [partnered] dance performance was amazing! Not that I’m any expert judge on dancing but for me, it was a whole performance. The steps moved well with the music. From their heads to their fingertips to their toes, everything moved in sync and with attitude. He was in character the entire time. Everything was sharp yet smooth.

I don’t say this about many things and actually mean it but his Argentine Tango last week was sexy! He looked to be genuinely leading the dance and moving his partner [Anna] around. Oh I want to learn to dance!

It got a perfect 30 [3 tens] score from the judges! I wish I had recorded it.

So, if you have just a few spare minutes, check out Lysacek’s week 7 argentine tango on; there might be an upload of it to YouTube, I don’t know.

[Though I sometimes miss it and have to watch it on my computer which is not as clear a picture as Dad’s TV. I like that Dad watches what I watch and as always, that could be its own entry].

I can’t wait to watch what he does in Week 8, which airs tonight; catch it on ABC!