Friday, May 28, 2010

Not So Up Front

I don’t like sitting in the back of the bus. Usually I will prefer to stand if I can’t get a seat in the first few rows after the designated seats.

Today I sat in the back. I figured, there was a lady going there just ahead of me so maybe I’d feel okay about it. From the next stop, another lady got on and sat next to me. So far, so’kay.

Until further into Kalihi, the lady next to me got off. This… interesting-looking guy, I’d say maybe 50-ish if he wasn’t on something, sat next to me. He smelled like smoke and I didn’t want to inhale enough to find out if it wasn’t more than cigarettes. He started asking me questions and he was nice enough about it at least.

So I gave him my name, [Jay]. He asked if I just got out of school, and college? [Nod]. What am I studying? [Architecture]. Freshman, sophomore year? [My last year]. Chinese, Filipino? [Chinese]. Full? [Sure]. Get phone #? [Shake head, no]. See a movie sometime? [Shake head, no]. Alright, you take care, I get off next stop. You take care, okay? [You too].

We shook hands.

Okay, so some lies.

As a female, traveling alone, is it okay to protect myself with lies? I struggle with this quite a bit when this stuff happens.

Hey, at least this guy didn’t try to caress me; except that he was sitting next to me, he didn’t try any extra touching. Yes, I’ve had that happen, hence, trying to sit in front and next to another female.
Remember Generic that’s from my first-life college and kept trying to don the dirty conversation? A Friend has advised that I shouldn’t have to unfriend him on FB provided he doesn’t try to contact me in that way again and that I have a right to protect myself also, so I don’t have to [actually, said I shouldn’t] answer back his last message. What do you think?

OH how I want to believe the best in people! ‘Cuz then… I could believe the best in me also.

And, it sounds weird, but don't tell my parents about these strangers unless after something actually happens 'cuz they'll freak out either way so why not prolong it as much as I can? ...

Mahalo for reading.

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