Thursday, May 6, 2010

Does It Smell As Sweet?

The longer I go without getting married and having kids, the more screwed up interesting my kids’ names will be when I finally do. That’s what I keep threatening anyway, which doesn’t make human sense because I’m threatening children I do not have yet for something that was not their fault. Does it matter? Is it not a parental right?

I have all this time, I should be able to come up with something that surpasses Moxie CrimeFighter Jillet! [Kree Goa’uld-Shol’va _____? No.]

I am not naming my kid "Apple." So if you're a guy and your dream is to have a daughter [or son] named "Apple," I am out of the question for you.

Anyways, I’m also thinking about it intial-wise ‘cause I’m coming across a lot of regular girl names that start with [V] that I would love to name my daughter, so I shouldn’t marry a guy with a last name starting with [D]. A Friends episode of Joey as the model on a poster for VD flashes in my mind.

I like most names in their natural state, unabbreviated. I like “Benjamin,” but I don’t like “Ben” or “Benny” or “Benji” – I like “Benjamin.”

During the Vancouver Olympics, I put up a status saying, “[Jennifer] thinks she might name her kid ‘Yevgeny’ if he wins gold again.”

I don’t know if I wanna give away the interesting names though, someone might be tempted to steal them. Besides, I wonder how my future married last name will affect the kid names I’m considering. It’s slowing down my creative process. Yes, I am thinking too much. So what?

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