Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly

If it fell into my soup, I would! Maybe.

Does that look like the face of someone who would hurt a fly? ---> [Don't answer that unless you truly really absolutely must.]

I think it’s funny when I hear interviews of people and someone will say something like, “Not Joey-Bobby-John, he wouldn’t hurt a fly,” and yet Joey-Bobby-John’s on trial for some kind of heinous crime or something. I’m not saying Joey-Bobby-John’s guilty; I’m just saying, the whole notion of character witnessing is a fascinating thing. What an introduction to this entry, huh?

And yes, in the style of trying not to make anyone think I’m talking about a real person I made that name up- stylish, no? No. You don’t think so. Moving on…

I think often about things that are and at the same time are not, seeming contradictions, stuff that one will never quite figure out. For instance, it seems that people all at once would like to stand out to be unique and great and also to be normal and like everyone else.

Only so much can be learned about a person by observation. It’s never the whole story. I like finding out about someone by actively spending time with them. It’s still not the whole story, yet at least it gives me a better picture, more understanding. I mean, I’ll listen to gossip and stuff but all that won’t dictate how I treat a person. I know what it’s like to have rumors about me go around [I’ve helped some get out just by not answering questions and such, but that’s another story] and I’m not perfect so I try to be aware of things and find out for myself [which could lead to another off-topic story about girls and crushes].

The guy that [haha] got stuck taking me to prom, I used to hate him, and I will rarely say that I hate anyone. When he was a freshman in high school, I was a junior. He was such a young punk: mouthy, sarcastic, just got on my nerves so bad that I could barely stand to be in the same band room as him, and the band room was a big space. Well, it’s another story about how we ended up going to prom together and we’re still good friends today. All that was to say that I hated him, then I got to see a different side to him that eventually led me to really care for him. I didn’t know him until I spent time with him.

So it’s interesting to me that people want to know more about themselves or other people through stereotypical stuff. I’m talking about stuff like astrology and personality tests. I think there’s some truth in stereotypes and stuff but I keep in mind it’s not the whole story. I’m fascinated by all the common and the unique intricate details that make up who a person is.

I’m gonna try this exercise thing. In the end though, nobody can tell me who or what kind of person I am wholly except for God [the same goes for you]; that’s what I hold to anyway.

Here are ways that one could try to define me by [vague-ities are for safety and ridiculosity reasons]:



Born in the 20th century on one of the Hawaiian Islands to parents of different Asian ancestries

2nd child [though I still say I was meant for middle-childness, I’m gonna ask God when I get there]

INTP [seemingly, I’d like to see it proven by DNA somehow]

Single currently [although there are many voices in my head so I would challenge that status but you get what I mean, I’m not dating any one person as far as I know. Yes, that is another story but basically I’ve been on dates before and not known it]

Female [born and still am one]



Yellow [favorite color, but also blue, red, green, orange, white…]

9 [favorite number, but also 15, 10, 49, 28…]

Well, these things can’t tell others how I feel, what’s in my head, how I would react, the words I will use, what I’m allergic to, the dreams I have, my experiences, which jokes I will laugh at, etc. You get the picture.

I am also fascinated by the things people write in their “about me” spaces. I have a difficult time writing anything there. This is what mine says at the moment: I asked Carey, "Do you think we get along so well 'cuz you're a Special Ed teacher?" Yup, don’t that just say it all? I know, I’m insulting the great people who are special needs students by insinuating that I am in any way associated with them; I’m “special needs” in other ways, I think. The other way, I would be insulting the general population of students if I were to associate myself with them, so either way… I’m gonna stop here.

I’m gonna see if I can research what is said about such attributes/people and write a piece about how it fits or doesn’t fit with who I think I am. Maybe I’ll think up more attributes also [maybe I should test those FB quiz apps!]. And if you [think you] know me, chime in on this stuff or tell me something about you, how you relate or not or whatever you’d like to say. I'll label these entries as... "I Am Who."

I really should have been a sociologist or archaeologist or something. What a shame.

Mahalo for reading. Comments always welcome!