Thursday, April 29, 2010

What’s In a Name?

I’ve told this many times so I might as well write it down, though people will keep asking so I’ll have to tell it again eventually.

Jenn, Jenny, or Jennifer?

For some reason, no one called me ‘Jenny’ as I was growing up. It’s only recently that I’ve been hearing people call me ‘Jenny’ with some frequency.

In 7th grade, I had a friend named Jenny. The following year, I made friends with KN’s younger sister, also named Jenny. I’ve been trained not to answer to ‘Jenny’ --- which is cool ‘cause all the Gump “Jen-ay” references were aimed at them!

When I was a senior, someone came up behind me and asked me a question. I inadvertently snubbed her; she had called out ‘Jenny’ and I didn’t know she was addressing me. My friend had to tell me, “Um, I think she’s talking to you.”

‘Jenn’ or ‘Jennifer’ is just fine.

One day, I think it was in 2004 or something, I decided I would be more ‘grown up’ about my name. I started signing off as ‘Jennifer.’ I was reconnected with Neo; he noticed the signature and asked, “Why do you write ‘Jennifer?’” “Um, because that’s my name…?!” [sarc.]

Only it’s a little tricky whenever I type it because sometimes I go too fast and I have to correct “Jennfier.”

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