Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Visit with Dad

Friday, we went to see Dad. His surgery was earlier that morning. The doctor says that the procedure went well, things look to be good as it didn’t look like the mass had spread to other areas. Here’s praying.

I’m okay with hospitals, just not when it has to do with my dad. When he had heart surgery years ago, I think I was too young to understand what was going on, and probably my family sheltered me a bit as they tend to do, even now.

I remember visiting Apple in the hospital once, but she was young and feisty. Also, from what I understood, she was there because she hadn’t been taking her medication and so that led to some minor complication.

I visited Gramma in the hospital after her stroke. I went with them to pick her up from a PT session. Gramma’s spirits were good. She was cracking jokes with her sister. Gramma’s just always been tough; I think that’s where my mom gets it from.

But my dad…. It’s not that my dad is fragile by any means; he’s tough and strong. I love both my parents equally. There’s just something about my dad that I don’t like seeing him having to depend on others for things like eating.

Maybe it’s how these things have happened so far, Dad thinking he’s fine and healthy and out of the blue almost, he needs surgery. At least Dad’s good about getting regular checkups; that’s how his doctor detected the small irregularity in his heart the first time. It was just a routine physical that ended up saving Dad’s life.

When Dad’s injured or sick, I’m usually the one that stays home and takes care of him. He likes to tell my aunts how I’m his nurse.

Anyways, Dad is fine for now. He’s still in the hospital for another few days to continue monitoring his recovery. Thank you for remembering him in your prayers and please continue the praying for his health.

MAHALO, greatly and sincerely.

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  1. That's great news sis! I'm so glad that your dad did/does his checkups so that this was caught in the nick of time. God is good. I'm also happy to hear that the surgery went well. Please give him my love and let him know that I am praying for him!


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