Thursday, April 8, 2010

Through the Labyrinth, the Search Is On

I think I just don’t know what to do. I cared so much last year, is it okay if I take a break from caring at all?

Don’t mind me. Nor the last entry [I wrote that in my mind while riding the bus home]. Maybe the last several entries. I know it sucks to read cryptic things. Now you know.

It’s all here. It’s still fresh. What does it matter though if I’m the only one hearing it?

So it seems that God has constantly placed me on my own. I wonder if it’s His way with me of keeping me close to Him and out of a comfort zone.

Even Pegasus is off flying somewhere else for the moment. I’m close to not wanting Pegasus to return either.

Displaced? Uprooted?

I finally watched “Facing Giants.” Terrific movie! I think it still holds after given the fact that I just love sports movies. I wanna try the death crawl thing. I should add that to the 40.

I’m happy for the Others, at least in part. But this goes back to a previous “shattered” entry about what it costs.

No middle-men.


Lost in translation.

I don’t understand why people put such a high value on being unique. I’m sensing more and more that I’m unique and it kinda sucks.

Disconnected. Disillusioned maybe.

_____ stopped me from speaking for myself. Again. That’s what it’s been like with ____.

What did it matter? Did it matter?

It’s not the chase, that’s not what I want.

The community. Maybe that’s what’s next. I don’t know though. Look what happened last time. And even then, where?

I’m been looking for the fruit. I’ve been looking for the community. Add to that 1 Cor 13.

In between these sentences are about a million thoughts each. This is why I don’t do stream-of-consciousness stuff very often [and this is not one either]. You would get so lost that you still wouldn’t find it if I drew you a map. This is why I’m usually a doer; so nice people like you don’t get lost. However, I now have nothing to do.

It’s a blend between Artax and Rockbiter.

BTW, "Labyrinth" is a classic movie also.

If you got through all that, mahalo for reading!

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