Friday, April 30, 2010

Sticking Out

I don’t like sleeping with any part of me hanging off the edge of the bed. Is that strange?

There’s an urban legend about someone leaving her hand off the edge of the bed so that her dog can lick her hand. She wakes up to find her dog dead and written on her mirror is, “Humans can lick, too.”

That has nothing to do with my quirk. I can’t remember a time that I was okay with it and that means before I heard the urban legend. I think it might have more to do with having a bunk bed when I was younger. I’m not sure though.

You’d think that to ensure that I don’t roll something off the bed, I would get a bed that’s bigger than the twin-sized that I’ve always had. I like my bed and I don’t move that much when I’m asleep. I guess I’m used to the twin.

In college, I had a full-sized; in CA, the room came with a queen-size, with a pillow top. Oh, the pillow top was nice! Having a bigger bed would mean that my work would end up sleeping next to me; I don’t really like that idea. Although, a bigger bed would mean that I would still have a place to sleep even with my cats on the bed, hmmm. The smallest one insists on sleeping right in the middle. Nah, even if I get a bigger bed, I’d keep it all for myself! Might be kinda nice….

And about that dog licking thing, I hate having a dog lick me. I told my mom it felt like a human licking me and shocked, she asked, “how do you know what that feels like?” “Um, because I’m a human and I’ve felt my own tongue?” Oh, come on! Like you haven’t licked glue off your hands before! CHOCOLATE, I meant chocolate. I lick glue off of chocolate. NO!

That's right, I'm not a comedienne. Mahalo.

[Photo: See how she claims the pillow too?!]

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