Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Right-handed Lefty-ness

Just as I am a second child convinced that I was meant for middle-childness, here’s another enigma: I believe I was also meant for left-handedness.

I have a memory of being very young, when we lived in the apartment, back when Mom stayed home with us, babysitting more kids, and Dad went to work. I was learning from my family how to read and write. Dad was always reading the newspaper; he still does. Mom and Dad were examples to us about the importance of reading.

I remember thinking about holding the pencil or crayon, whatever writing instrument I was using. I had it in my left hand. I distinctly remember thinking that I was doing it wrong because I noticed that everyone else in my family held the pencil in their right hands. In whatever order it happened, I saw that Mom used her right hand, Dad used his right hand, and Brother used his right hand. I made the decision that I would do it rightly and started using my right hand.

I still have this memory, but as my memory has often proved less than perfect, I didn’t really talk about it much. That is, until a few years ago. For some reason, Brother brought up the fact that I used be left-handed. As Brother has a much better memory than I do, this validated my own memory of writing the “wrong way.”

What further validates the idea [for me] that I’m a lefty living as a righty in a righty-world is the sense that I think very differently than a lot of people that I know. I’m not making any suggestions about a higher intelligence; I’m just saying that my thought processes seem to be more different than the average. Every so often I would say something and someone will reply with “I never thought of it that way.” It’s not that they believe I’m right necessarily, just that I’ve given them a way to see something from a different perspective; it’s something like saying that [2+2=4] while I’d say [2x2 =4]. In casual surveys/tests, it seems that I think more towards the central, but leaning more to right-brained thinking than the left.

I don’t know how authoritative it is, but check out this site for some interesting ideas about brain-ed-ness. Looking at the differences in manners of thinking, I’m still rather certain that I am more right-brained, while still being close to a balance of both.

I should add something about this to the "I Am Who" entries!

If I could research stuff like this for a living, I would! I might even find out that I’m wrong in the end, but this stuff fascinates me.

Hmmm… not sure what question I could ask you that relates to this. Leave a comment please, even a random totally unrelated one will do!

Mahalo for reading.