Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prank That

For the record, today at 5:11 pm my time, I was prank called.

From a private number, a youngish sounding female voice called, asking if I was short and fat. Then she asked if I had pimples on my face.

So I became convinced that it couldn’t be one of my friends just trying to be funny and hung up. If it was one of my friends and I find out who…. I mean, if that person thought that was funny, as in clever, that is sad. That was in no way a clever call.

She promptly called again. I promptly didn’t answer. I don’t have time for this junk. She called again and left a voicemail this time. In a ridiculous voice she said:

Hi, why you no like answer now? Hello, it’s Ashley, answer your phone. Why donchu wanna answer? I’m [inaudible] at home, I know your name is [hope and safe?] and loved and true. Answer your phone. Anyways, I have a product for you to use for your pim-pohs. If you can answer your phone, then I can sell you the prah-dahct. Goodbye!

“Private Number” just called again at 5:24, as I’m typing this.

I’ve recorded the message in case this person calls again.

I don’t have my number listed on FB.

For now I’m gonna ignore this and just believe that it wasn’t someone I actually know.