Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mankill Stare Is Here To Save the Day!

I used to go a lot of places by myself. I get into these modes that I feel like a lone wolf, only I think I’m more feline than lupine, so I guess I should say lone mountain lion…….. anyways…….

Well, I haven’t done much lone lion-ing for awhile now and since I’m taking a break from ministry, I think I’m going to be satiating my inner nomad a bit while I’m at it [Did that just confuse you? I know, I know].

Uhhh, so I haven’t gone out on my own for awhile. Especially to places like ColdStone and Coffee Bean, the last 2 years I’ve frequented only with friends.

This past Tuesday for some reason I felt the urge to go to Coffee Bean by myself. I originally planned to do some writing there so I wanted at least an hour. By the time I headed out, I was going to have only a half hour. I went back and forth in my mind but decided to go anyway.

I got an iced tea and could have taken a seat inside but for some reason decided to sit outside. I wasn’t there maybe 5 minutes when this lady with a stroller carefully approached me. As gently as she could but hurriedly she asked for a pen and paper. She took the pen from my hand [because I was going to write] while I looked in my purse for a paper.

Now, when I lone-lion it, I tend not to carry a purse. It’s usually my wallet, my keys and my phone. And some kind of lip product like gloss ‘cause I love my lips. I also don’t usually have post-its with me.

I had a pad of post-its that I put in my purse about a day or two earlier for some strange reason. I hand her the post-it pad.

She sits down across from me and begins talking on her Bluetooth. She writes down an address, name and phone number. When she’s done with the call, another call comes in but she puts that person on hold to thank me profusely. She introduced herself and shook my hand.

As she’s walking away, I overhear her saying that she just got a call for a job interview for Friday and she got caught walking around without her purse and how I helped her, etc.

God, the master orchestrator! I mean I said “for some reason” a lot in this entry but something comes out of it that’s good and it has to be God, right? The post-its, choosing to go to CB by myself, having stuff with me to write with… God, right?

And I laugh because God knows I have been missing His joy in my life. I haven’t truly laughed and smiled in a long time. I haven’t felt good/ useful/ necessary/ helpful etc. in a long time either. Also, this experience prepared me for a counseling meeting I was going into right after that, putting me in a better mood than I expected to be in.

*sigh. God is good [all the time] all the time [God is good]!

Please take a moment right now to pray that Tracy does well in her job interview on Friday!

Mahalo for reading. Keep your eye [and spirit] open for God’s movement and join Him! It’s worth it!

[P.S. One of my nicknames is "Mankill Stare." Don't ask questions. ;) ]