Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daddy’s Girl

Mom and I were coming home from Good Friday service. I called home and left a message for Dad about a dinner order. We got our dinner and headed home. Just as we were about to pull onto our street, Dad calls. I don’t tell him how close we are to home, I just take his dinner order so we turn around and head out again. A few minutes after I pick up Dad’s dinner, he calls again- unusual. He asks if we got the food already. I say yes and he says nevermind, just come home.

We open the door and Dad’s standing there, all dressed. He says that his doctor called and something about the ER… and I can’t hear anything anymore. He was still talking but I don’t know… I didn’t hear it.

I was going to change my clothes and go with them but Dad said to stay home. Mom drove him to the ER. That was about 9:30 pm.

I didn’t know what to do so I tried to keep busy. I shot out a quick message to a few praying friends. I took care of Mom and Dad’s dinners. I ate my dinner ‘cause the voices in my head told me to eat, the food’s not going to keep well anyway. I did dishes. I heard the buzz of the dryer and took out Dad’s laundry, hung up his shirts, and put the rest of his laundry in the dryer. I did some mindless FB-ing while the shorts dried, then I laid them out like I’ve seen Dad do a million times before.

I watched the volleyball replay. Mom called little before 2 am. Dad’s getting a blood transfusion and I ask what that means, trying to hide the fear in my voice. She sounds strong, Mom’s a tough one. They should be home about 5 am, it’s about an hour per pint. Dad, in the background, is asking me to take care of his laundry- already done. Mom’s giving me instructions for putting the dog to bed and closing up.

What?!! As if I could sleep! I put the dog to bed anyway. I take a shower and watch a movie. I try not to freak out with the idea that someone else’s blood is in my dad because his blood isn’t enough or something and that Dad’s had heart surgery before and how fragile the heart can be and just BRING HIM HOME.

I am tired, so I go to bed but keep my door open. I’m staring into the darkness, trying to stop my heart.

A few minutes later, I hear the car in the driveway. I get up and open the door for them.

And then I sleep.
Mom tells me that Dad has to go back to the hospital for a test. Dad’s not supposed to drive and Mom’s exhausted so they have Brother come and pick them up.

I wake up a little later. Aunty calls but I’m not answering phones so she leaves a message. I don’t know what she knows or why she’s calling. I get up and go to a meeting where I know I’m going to bring tension but I needed to say some stuff and then I leave because I want to be home or wherever Dad is and the meeting people are probably thinking it’s all them but it’s not.

Dad’s home again, Mom’s knocked out. Dad says that he’s having surgery on Monday [Don’t freak out, Jenn]. He asks if I talked to Aunty and don’t tell any of the Aunties what’s going on [My dad, being the Protector over his older sisters].

The next day is Easter Sunday. I’m excited but also… I want to be home with Dad. But I go. I drop off Mom and go to visit friends at their church.

It was wonderful. I was a little early, so I helped Friend stuff eggs. Friends ask about Dad [they were a part of the Friday night message to my fellow prayer warriors]. It’s a small church in size right now which allows them to be more intimate and open. During the prayer portion of the service, Friend has them pray for Dad among the requests from others in the congregation. It’s refreshing to be around fellow believers whom also fervently believe in the POWER of God to do anything. I almost cried for this and for Dad. I’ve been looking for the Christ-community, and here was a glimpse of it.

I leave after service to go pick up Mom. I see on my phone Easter texts from a couple of Friends from Home Church- another glimpse of the Christ-community [and they don't even know what's going on in my family].

When I got home, I knocked out. My sleep schedule is usually unusual, but I need it to be more normal for the internship so with all that’s going on, my sleep is again highly unusual.

And here I am, typing to you.

Please pray for my dad’s surgery to go well.

Mahalo to my family at Friends’ Church.

Mahalo for reading and PRAYING.