Thursday, March 11, 2010

They’re At It Again! A Better Kalihi/Wheaton BreakAway Production

Entirely new faces but the same spirit and heart, the Wheaton College Break Away Hawai‘i team has arrived! This season brings us 5 guys, 6 girls and 1 leader: Andy, Andrew, Alex, Asa, Matt; Camilla, Laura, Lexy, Libby, Megan, Kris; and Becky.

So far they have:
-enjoyed a BBQ courtesy of the KUC young adults
-stood in front of our congregation, then in the center aisle and carried the weight of strangers’ hands on their shoulders in order to be prayed over
-gone crazy on the wii
-walked around Waikiki
-painted over graffiti and/or picked up trash in Kalihi
-met the force of KUCs youth and young adults basketball and volleyball talent head-on
-had a fascination with Hawaii’s trees: drawing them, talking about them, climbing them, getting scratched by them
-helped destroy and then restore the former Youth House [which Kendal has recently dubbed the “Young Adult House”; we’ll see if that catches on]
-gardening around the campus

They just had their free day which consisted of: Pali Lookout, Kailua Safeway, Kailua Beach, Keneke’s for lunch, Makapu‘u Lookout, Alan Davis Cove, Sandy’s, China Walls, and Kokonuts for shave ice.

Good times. ALL good times.
: )

And good people. I think I’ve found a good opening subject for conversations with people from other places. Besides the obligatory college student questions of “What’s your major?” and “What year are you in?” I’m learning that a good question to ask is, “What do you love about living in your hometown?” or some sort of variation of it.

Matt had an interesting answer for Chicago. He believes that Chicago has the best skyline in the world. THE WORLD. [To which I challenge and will soon have my own Travel Channel show on the best skylines in the world; I’ll probably have to start off a little more elementary like the best skylines in the nation and work my way up to the world] Matt also states the opinion of Chicago having a good combination of chill and the fast-paced life. I’m gonna have to see if this is true some day.

The best part of any place for Becky is the people. Anywhere she goes can feel like home when she’s surrounded by good people. Beautiful scenery doesn’t mean much when good company isn’t there to be found- I know what she means.

Andrew likes being on the lakes in Minnesota. Good fishing! One of these days, I’ll go visit my MN friends and I’m gonna go fishing out on the lake! The largest fish he’s caught was about three feet long [guesstimating from the space “measurement” he showed with his hands].

But first I might hafta stop off and visit Andy. He says he can teach people to snowboard, which is near the top of my list at the moment after having watched the 2010 Winter Olympics! Andy’s been snowboarding since he was in 5th grade. He bought a skateboard on Sunday; you should have seen the smile on his face as he talked with the employee about skateboarding.

I have another person I can talk books with: Camilla, an English major at Wheaton. She likes the reading & discussing side to English [not so much the writing part]. “Pride and Prejudice” is the only Jane Austen book I have read so far but after talking with Camilla, I’m gonna hafta put “Emma” on the list.
I’m also gonna hafta pause right here. I’m sure more good times to write about are on the agenda for the remaining days that Wheaton is with us. Stay tuned for some great photos from the A Better Kalihi/ Wheaton BreakAway Collaboration 2010!