Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Walking

The 2010 Winter Olympics have concluded and I have been inspired.

I want to snowboard. I would like to compete in the half-pipe and/or snowboard cross.

Seriously. It looks like FUN.

Thank you Shaun White.

And Scott Lago. And Seth Wescott. And Elena hight, even though she came in 10th. And because I watched Louis Vito in DWTS.

But as you must know by now, I don’t always get what I want. In fact, I think rarely do I ever get THE thing that I want. I’m talking big like Olympic record, not my high school diploma.
I’m not big on running. I used to run laps after marching band practice even though I wasn’t marked up on anything. I didn’t mind so much that I would never be considered the fastest woman on earth, though one of the characters in my head certainly is top 5 fastest.

As I tried to get back into running years later, I found my knees hurting, not a lot but they were groaning down the sidewalk. I can walk what seems like forever though. I once caught the wrong bus and ended up walking from [Arby’s to Big City Diner] which is about 3 miles, non-stop.

And I enjoy hiking. I already wrote about the ups and downs of Wa‘ahila Ridge. I’m always thinking I’m going to fall but I’ve only slipped on two hikes so far and not at all on the Ridge. No problem!
Here is one reason why I probably won’t compete in the half-pipe any time soon:

The other day, I caught the bus home. I took the __A that drops me off a block or two further from my house, but I figure it would be a good walk. I was in the last stretch when I was walking…

and then I wasn’t so much anymore.

Yes, I fell.

My left ankle decided it wanted to go left instead of straight. When my right foot insisted on going forward, Left Ankle pulled back to the right but too late. Right Knee went down to the ground. What added was that as Right Hand went down to stabilize Rest of Body, Backpack tried to jump over Back, driving Right Knee more into the ground.

Injuries to report: Left Ankle [in shock]; Right Wrist [in shock]; Right Knee [meaty, bleeding slightly, irritated, possibly bruised ego]; Right Jeans Leg [skinned and breached].

Walking. Just walking. On relatively flat terrain.

To which Marshmallow replies, “Wow, just like my mom!”

God [and I mean God], I love Marshmallow. Thank you for the joy Marshmallow brings to my life.

Looks like I won’t be getting the Platinum Medal in Olympic Walking anytime soon either.
The other reason: I hate knee injuries.

Having had many soccer-playing friends of whom several had surgery to repair their ACL, I don’t like knee injuries of any kind.

I will not be going down the slalom course or skiing. That was painful for me to watch just thinking about those poor overworked knees!

But I still wanna snowboard; I probably won’t make it to competition level though. And I want to get comfortable at least doing the Alley Oops in the half-pipe and complete a cross course.

Oh, I also am not fond of the cold much at all. But I WILL snowboard someday!
As an aside, this guy looks like someone I know. More precisely, he looks like a cross between two people I know and took his headshot in the style of a third person:


Mahalo for reading and safe walking everyone!

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