Thursday, March 25, 2010


Prompted by Adam expressing his friends’ desire to go hiking, we made our way over to the Olomana trail. There were 8 of us altogether: Adam, Matt I., Jace, Justin, Tanabe, Kellie, Cody, and me. We parked before the bridge and started walking along the paved road to begin with. When we reached the guard shack, the guard on duty kindly gave us some pointers. We kept walking along the road.

And…thanks to a lone passing car, Kellie spotted the trail sign; we were having so much fun just talking that we were about to pass it!

The first part is through some forest; thank God that it wasn’t wet ‘cause it could have been very slippery! Just a little ways in is an abandoned something military-looking-ish with graffiti on it- Adam requested the photo of it and that’s all I’m gonna say.

The warm up trail went slowly up and up. We passed a grove of ironwood trees. Then the incline gradually pick up. I, being old and short [yup, I’m falling back on that again!], had to let the group continue on while I took old lady steps [eerily similar to baby steps] following them.

I met quite a few people/groups both on their way up and on their way down. I got passed by a much older couple who were barely winded at all! A couple and a pair of guys made notice of my Purdue shirt on their way down. I took pictures for Kaylee and friend, both in pink, two UH students originally from Ohio.

So I took my time and quietly went along. To be honest, it was a good time spent just being with God and not thinking about junk for a change. The roped areas were definitely good for this!- past hikers set up ropes on the tricky parts to help climbers up. I made pretty good use of them mostly on the way down. Along the way I kept thinking up spiritual lessons from the hike.

I got past 3 or 4 roped areas. I came upon a crazy monster of a climb and…stopped! Though I was close to the top of peak 1 [there are three at Olomana], I think this was the wise choice for me this time. I listened to my iPod, took a lot of photos, took my shoes off and rested until the group was coming back down.

The only thing to report on the way down was that I think I killed my left big toenail. :_( I had already stubbed it going up one of the climbing parts, but going down I took a forceful step causing my foot to slide, ramming my toe against the shoe. Good thing I was just to the flatter area. Then I had to take my shoes off because the pain in my toe was about to make me cry- I figured I’m gonna cry either way, I might as well be more comfortable.

And I made it back safely. We all did!

It was a good hike though. I really enjoy climbing like that, even though it got a little scary. For a moment on one section, I thought I was going to be stuck there!

We picked up food and met up with a few more of Adam’s friends in Manoa. They’re pretty cool and so funny! It’s amazing to say that Adam is apparently one of the more “normal” persons in the group! Lol Maybe…I’ll hafta do more firsthand observations on that one. I’m kinda sad that I couldn’t quite keep up on the hike to spend more time with them.

Mahalo to Adam for organizing the hike! Mahalo to the drivers! Mahalo to his friends that came!

See you at our next event?