Friday, March 26, 2010

Making A Mountain Out of A Toenail

I am in PAIN!!!!!!!!


Back in 2006, I went on a trip to Kaho‘olawe. Part of the trip was to hike up to the highest point of the island, Pu‘u Moauluiki. AWESOME TRIP. On the way back down, I slid pretty hard in my shoes. Both big toenails got completely bruised underneath.

When I got home, the liftoff began. Both toenails CAME OFF. It was slow, I’m sure it was painful. They grew back. It was slow, it’s been painful to wear shoes ever since because they didn’t grow back quite the same. I have to make sure my toenails are trimmed as much as they can be, which I tend to forget.

As I said in the Olomana entry a couple back, I’m fairly certain I have killed the big toenail on the left. I CANNOT walk tonight. It’s throbbing, it feels like it’s cutting, it is tiring me out! I cannot walk; I think I’m gonna cry each time that I do right now. *sniffle* I don't remember it being this painful.

If it comes off, I'll show you guys a photo of it 'cuz I'm weirdly fascinated by the things the human body goes through. I mean, I showed you my sexy scabby knees; why not a runaway toenail? You wanna see it, don't you?!!

I was gonna write a funny entry, like I tried in Right Knee Jealousy. I can’t. this just is not funny. All I’ll say in that vein is that “Left Ankle is VERY annoyed. She is considering walking away from her job. It sucks at the moment.”

Mahalo for reading.