Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love on a Nose?

I currently have a zit on my nose. In a spare moment, I filled the air by pointing out this phenomenon to a friend.

So Friend said that when she was younger, she was bullied by another girl. When a zit formed just under Friend’s nose, Bully taunted with:
“oh wow, you have a zit! I want one just like yours! [Pretending to pick up the zit] Nevermind, I have it [proceeding with ‘placing’ zit on the corresponding spot on her face].”

A few weeks later, Bully had exactly a zit near the spot and tried to pin it on Friend.

I laughed with Friend in triumphant providential payback playback.

I relayed to Friend how someone once told me that a zit on the nose means one’s in love. My very wise and intelligent Friend followed up by asking if I was in love. I very astutely and avoidingly replied with:

“I can say this: I have had a zit on my nose before when I was definitely not in love!”

Friend nods, knows I did it again.

I know. Great conversations we have.