Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Conclusion of: A Better Kalihi/Wheaton BreakAway Production 2010

We last left off with the Wheaton team battling fierce winds at places like the Pali Lookout, Kailua Beach, and Alan Davis Cove.

The next day, they faced a different kind of beast: the students at Kalihi Waena Elementary! I wasn’t there to witness it but knowing how the kids in Kalihi can be, I’m glad to report that Wheaton survived with backs intact! The kids are great!

Later that night, we drove them up to Tantalus to see the city lights from above.

The next morning, it was up and ready in preparations for the Kalihi Live event. Wheaton organized quickly and well to gather and prepare games and posters. It was good to see everyone pitch in on all areas where everyone volunteered for a game and to make a few posters and took care of it.

We even had time to make a Shimazu’s/ Starbucks/ craft store run. :)

The event went well! People started pouring in early and we went to work. The kids were excited to see their new friends again. By the end of the night, the kids were helping out with the game booths. The kid with a mustache [photos to come later], he was pulling people, even the workers, up to the dance area!

Clean up went well afterwards also. The group wasn’t so exhausted as to keep most of them from going on the night hike up to Makapu‘u. Only a few came with the rest of us to experience a late night tradition: Zippy’s! Becky had the chili, Matt [of course] got the zip pack for the SPAM, and Camilla was happy with the Apple Napple- all fine choices!

Early early early next morning, some not having any sleep at all, we headed out to catch the sunrise. Well, the sun beat us on awakening this time, but it was still spectacular! We saw a Spanish Dancer in the water- no, not human, a water organism. It looked strangely funny to watch Jared following it, taking a picture of it for someone else. And of course, that was too tempting for Tim to pass up, a chance to dunk Jared in the water!

With the last bit of energy it was off to peruse the merchandise of the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and explore the Arizona Memorial.

And finally but sadly, to the airport with goodbyes. *sigh*

Well, my new Wheaton friends, I can’t say all I need to but MAHALO once again for coming. Each one of you is a part of the inspirational music that I carry in my heart. Carry on in the work of the Lord and know that across the land and sea, I work alongside you!

I know, that was sappy, it happens sometimes. : )

Thank you for the support and encouragement you brought and maybe we’ll see some repeaters next year, huh?!

Mahalo for reading.