Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Why do people carry on arguments after something’s been settled?

We took Wheaton to Keneke’s for lunch this year. Scholar insisted that he’s eaten at Keneke’s with a Wheaton group before. This was the third Wheaton group to come.

Knight said that they didn’t go to Keneke’s the first year and he wasn’t here for the second year.

I was here for the second year [last year] and I said we didn’t bring them to Keneke’s.

Scholar continued to insist. Knight continued to insist.

Though I am insecure about my memory skills, I continued to insist. Scholar didn’t participate much last year.

Later, I asked Fist. Fist said that the first two groups didn’t go to Keneke’s at all; this was the first year Wheaton ate at Keneke’s.

Then at dinner, Becky, this year’s Wheaton leader asked Fist to settle something [I’m assuming because Knight or Scholar brought it up again]: Which year did Wheaton go to Keneke’s? Fist said this was the first year.

So I was right.

I don’t care so much that I was right but the guys kept having the discussion long past me at least twice saying that we didn’t go to Keneke’s last year! Being ignored or dismissed like that irritates me.